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I Get A Handmade Cloth Carrying Case For Google Pixel 2 In Addition To Ringke Case & amFilm Screen Protector.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access Amazon product listing.

Click to access Amazon product listing.

I guess it is because I am not used to carrying a smartphone.

The Google Pixel 2, I got for Christmas, was my first real smartphone — and I got it for its camera rather than phone functions!

I did a fair amount of research before I got the Ringke FUSION (transparent) case and the amFilm glass screen protector. Given all my cameras I have a fair amount of experience with glass screen protectors. So, at least with the amFilm, I knew what I was looking for.

I know that with the Ringke and amFilm I am fairly well covered and protected. But given my camera background it seems odd to me that the lenses are EXPOSED. Plus, my phone lies around, a lot, DAYS AT A TIME, because I do not feel a need to have it near me or carry it around.

So, I wanted a carrying case. Well, I happen to have the perfect seamstress for that. She is good. Took a bit of cajoling BUT she did not charge me. I think she thinks I did ‘OK’ by her over Christmas.

So, I have this rather neat, thick cloth carrying case, with the cloth doubled for added padding!

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by Anura Guruge

Journey Through Bladder Cancer Treatment By My Former Colleague Patrice Bourgeois Leeds.

by Anura Guruge

Patrice Bourgeois Leeds cancer blog radiation bladder

Click image to access WordPress blog by Patrice Bourgeois Leeds about her journey through cancer treatment.

Patrice and I worked at CASE Communications, in Columbia, Maryland, 31-year ago. Her Dad worked for CASE too — and I worked with him for over a year before Patrice joined the crew. Her Dad, about the same age as my Adoptive Father, was my first mentor in the U.S. and a very good and dependable friend. He and I, I from the Britain and he from the U.S., were part of the original CASE U.S.A management team — CASE, a market-leading U.K. company having bought the U.S. Rixon Corporation to get a foothold in the U.S. Patrice was the Product Manager for Multiplexers. I was the Director of Marketing for Multiplexers. So she controlled my destiny. Her Dad was the Directing Marketing for Distributor Sales. He helped me sell through the ‘channels’ as we called it. So these two, daughter and dad, played a huge hand in my fortunes and income. They never let me down. A rarity at CASE.

 I had lost touch with Patrice over the years, and alas Dad is no longer with us.

Just over a year ago, the unexpected death of two of our other colleagues, Don & Sandy Pyle, in that famous Christmas-tree fire of a multi-million dollar mansion, brought a few of us together — over social media.

I only found out that Patrice had cancer around Christmas. She kept it to herself until she decided she was not going to have the surgery.

She had asked me about doing a blog and I urged her to do so — and, of course, suggested WordPress.

So, we now have a blog.

I am a great believer that stories like this HAVE to be told. It is good for all. Therapeutic to write and inspirational to others. Plus, Patrice can write — and write well.

Patrice has to get better and not get too tired during the treatment because I have twisted her arm to proof my books. She is good with anything to do with words.

So, bookmark her blog. Wish her well. And follow her on her journey.

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by Anura Guruge

Newegg Rather Than TigerDirect Might Be Better Option For PC Components. Check Both Out.



 ..by Anura Guruge

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Over the last few years when it comes to computer and peripherals I have been going directly to TigerDirect. They have been good. Really no problems. They tend to have a good selection of refurbished machines and that has been a major draw. But, because of this automatic gravitation towards TigerDirect I have been remiss about checking out Newegg.

I discovered today that Newegg can definitely out do TigerDirect on certain items — in this case a 750W power supply.


Since I might have blown my power supply last night, I have no choice but to have a replacement unit in hand before Dave Nix comes to take the ‘dead’ PC apart. I spoke with him, of course, this morning. It is possible that it is not the power supply. It could ‘just’ be the momentary on/off power on button or the printed circuit board (PCB) underneath. I am getting a dreadful feeling that it is that PCB. I spent 90 minutes today trying to locate a spare PCB for that 3.5 year Thermaltake Element S case. No luck. So if it is the PCB I will have to get a new case. It will NOT be another Thermaltake! That is for damn sure. They did not impress me today.

Dave reckons that given the brawn of the ‘dead’ system even 700 Watts (which is a lot) might have been pushed to its limit! So he suggested I get an even bigger P/S. 750W. Think about. You know how bright and hot a 150 W light bulb is. This is 5 times that! Fortunately, even though it is rated 750 W it is not burning 750 all the time. 750 is what it can deliver.

Anyway, by habit I went to TigerDirect. There prices are OK. They offered free shipping (and P/S are heavy) but you had to sign-up (as with Amazon) for a ‘$79’ prime account. Screw that. Decided to check Newegg.

3.5 years ago I bough ALL the components for the now ‘dead’ PC from Newegg. They were good. Gave me 12 months of 0% interest credit. So, I have an account and all of that with Newegg.

Newegg, of course, had comparable 750W power supplies (with modular design to boot), ‘a bit cheaper’ but with genuinely free shipping. So I ordered through them. Henceforth I will check both Newegg and TigerDirect out though I now have an idea as to how it works: TigerDirect is better on built/refurbished system, Newegg, per their original claims from decades ago, excels when it comes to components.

Just wanted to share with you.



Resident Power: Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Or As Bush Tried To Say: “Fool Me Once, Shame On You … You Can’t Fool Me Again”.


Anura Guruge

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A/ A Plug For N.H. Resident Power. Yes, We Signed Up
>>April 19, 2012.

ENHlogoI had an unsolicited e-mail from Resident Power yesterday offering me ‘unbeatable’ rates. It actually made me quite angry. ‘They’ some how don’t seem to get it that they reneged on what was a 1-year contract. I don’t care about their ‘sob story’. We had a one year contract and one fine night, without any disclosure from them, I learn on the Web that they have ditched me.

Yes, I am mad. I am an avid promoter of alternate power for NH. PSNH needs competition. I was so happy when I first heard about ‘Resident Power’. But, they screwed me and gave a black eye to the whole NH alternate power initiative. It is the latter that really irks me.

I would NOT sign up with Resident Power even if they offered me FREE electricity.

I don’t give a hoot about their ‘unbeatable’ rate, because for all I know that rate could be history even before you switch over. They should do the decent thing and gracefully go away, and not sully the alternate power landscape with their tarnished presence. Yes, I am livid. I ended up paying FULL PSNH rates for 2 whole months.

Finally I am with ENH.


I am hoping that ENH does not screw me.

But since the Resident Power fiasco I have lost all trust and confidence in the entire alternate power industry.

I have yet to receive the insulting $9.50 check that Resident Power intends to offer those that they reneged upon. As I have said, I am going to send it back.

April 6, 2013 Update On ‘Resident Power’ & PNE Imprudence. NH Public Utilities Commission Lets Them Off Hook! Do NOT Cash The $9.50 Check.


Anura Guruge

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>>April 19, 2012.

Click to access 'Fosters.com' article in full.

Click to access ‘Fosters.com’ article in full.

Typical NH — as the above article tries to point out. The ‘fat cats‘ always get away with it — imprudent business practices be damned.

Heads up. ‘Resident Power’ is trying to send us all a check for $9.50 as compensation, BUT if you cash that check you waiveany claims against PNE relating to the customer’s placement on default service”.

So, do NOT cash that check.

Send it back to them. Ideally write a friendly greeting on it and make sure you add some appropriate ‘perfume’ that reflects your amiability towards their noble gesture. $9.50. So generous. I guess I can see a class action suit brewing — which is funny because I said as much ‘day one’. They broke their contract with us. 

Now they are back trying to rustle up more suckers. Well I would rather pay PSNH $1 more per KwH than deal with these reprobates again. They gave the whole industry a black eye through their imprudent business practices. This was so uncalled for.

As for the PUC … What can you say. Look at all the folks that got screwed by Scott Farah of Financial Resources Mortgage (FRM). Well at least he is now in jail. 


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