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Alton Central School (ACS) Board Votes 3 – 2 AGAINST ‘Common Core’ — Whatever The Vote Was Supposed To Mean!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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The ACS School Board vote at the September 16, 2013, meeting, however pathetic it might have been, duly confirmed my contention following the June Board Meeting that the ACS Administration and staff did NOT have the Board backing when it comes to Common Core.

This is why I have agitated, as the minutes from the Board meeting clearly show, to get a straight up-down vote from the Board on this.

It happened and it came out as I had expected — with the Board showing its contempt for ‘CC’.

I knew how Steve Miller was going to vote. He had already stated his support for CC for the record.

I was glad and impressed that Sandy Wyatt voted for CC. It is now official: Deanna and I think she is GOOD, VERY GOOD.

I had planned to get up at the first public input session and ask the Principal why teachers from ACS had not attended the Board meetings to present their side of the story.

Though I did bring it up, I did not have to. There were about 7 or 8 (maybe more) ACS teachers present, led by 6th grade teacher Mr. Richard Kirby, who I think represents the ACS teachers in some capacity. He stood up and spoke maybe four times. He did a good job of refuting the crazy claims about CC and also clearly stating the case of the teachers as to why they are in favor of CC. Thank you Mr. Kirby. Mr. Kirby, however, is not a lawyer nor a politician and as such was not as forceful as he should have been with the rebuttals. I see that a lot with teachers. They kind of get out of practice arguing with adults.

I was delighted to see Carol Locke, the Principal of Gilmanton School, at the meeting to defend and promote CC and also to unequivocally refute some crazy statements related to teachers resigning from Gilmanton because of CC that had been made at the August Workshop. That is the first time I had seen her, let alone met her. When she got up and stated her address (which she didn’t have to do) I realized that we were neighbors and that I even walk past her house on occasion. In addition to speaking as the Principal she also spoke as an Alton resident and grandparent. She has my thanks. She was impressive.

Mr. William Lander, the Superintendent, made a VERY GOOD forceful statement on behalf of the administration and staff as to their belief and commitment in CC.

But that was all in vain.

Politics prevailed. They were not voting on CC. They were voting on ideological political beliefs and their profound fear of anything that is other than their cherished ‘local control’.

But, here is the irony and I knew that this would be the case ever since I asked for the vote.

The vote meant nothing.

It changed nothing, it changes nothing!

Yes, to be fair some of the members did point this out before the vote — viz. that they were not sure what they were voting for or against.

But, they voted against their support of ‘CC’.

However, ACS is already committed and on track with a CC-based curriculum, books and testing for the 2013 – 2014 school year. That die is cast. Rotate has been reached and exceeded.

To change course they will have to take some other votes.

Mrs. Locke (first) and I (second) BOTH stood up in the second public input and asked for clarification as to what the voted meant, its ramification.

Mr. Lander, to his credit again, pointed out that the vote didn’t change anything. He was on the ball today. I was impressed.

I chased after Mr. Kirby, who left (no doubt in disgust) after the vote and asked him if he understood what the vote meant. He didn’t.

What a Board.

Of, there was healthy applause from the public gallery, but not the teachers, when the vote failed. Sad.

But, I want to applaud and thank four individuals that truly impressed me today:
Richard Kirby, Carol Locke, Sandy Wyatt & William Lander.

Alton Central School (ACS) Superintendent, Bill Lander, Cancels Board Meeting Set For Today, Monday, August 26, 2013. How Convenient?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

Sheer genius. You have to hand it to them. So clever.

At least for that Alton taxpayers should be grateful. How many of YOU taxpayers actually realize that Mr. William ‘Bill’ Lander, Superintendent, despite the generous full-pay he receives only works part-time — with the blessing of the Board? Many of you probably can’t even remember. But the deal was that the new Superintendent, as opposed to the last ‘Pluto is a Planet’ advocate, was going to be full-time. We certainly pay him what appears to be a full-time salary. But, I found out, from the horse’s mouth itself, that he negotiated part-time hours! Has to be nice.

So, he cancels the Board Meeting, and avoids any discussion on the hiring of the $3,000 strategic plan facilitator, and says it is because it clashes with ‘Back to School Night’.

So did THEY forget it was Back to School Night?

How convenient … and other words beginning in ‘c’.

As some of you may have realized I like words. I like to play with words. After this strategic planner embroglio I have a new mind game to keep me amused in moments of idleness. You TOO can play it with me. How many words starting with ‘D’ can you come up with to describe this the latest School Board fiasco — with the exemplary Steve Miller, as ever, the exception.

The Town, the Selectmen, should give Steve Miller an award: The True Champion Of Alton Youth.

Well, looks like we the Alton taxpayers got shafted again. 

Alton Central School (ACS) Website CLAIMS That There Is A School Board Meeting, Monday, August 26, 2013. Is That True?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click ...

Click …

Given that we don’t miss many ACS School Board meetings, and I do pay some attention to what is being said, I do not think this is correct.

But, it was on the ACS Website all through this crucial weekend — as parents get ready for the first day of school on Tuesday, August 27.

It would be really, really good IF there is indeed a Board Meeting on Monday.

IF this is a mistake it will be quite embarrassing for the administration. Deanna has already fired off e-mails to the school and I have given a heads-up to a ‘friend’.

As the always redoubtable Board Member Steve Miller has stated, he wants a revote on the facilitator for the crucial ACS Strategic Plan.

I get a feeling that the ACS Superintendent, Bill Lander, for obvious reasons, is doing his best to either not have a revote or have it done in ‘private’ or even by phone. If he does we will still bring it up a the next school board.

These shenanigans involving Alton taxpayer money has to stop.

We are not being told anything about the 3rd party, independent bullying investigation that took place over the Summer. I am fairly certain that the Board paid for that investigation. At a minimum I want to know how much was paid. IF you were an Alton taxpayer wouldn’t you like to know.

One of the big problems is that this is a Board with secrets who love to do things in secret. That hardly anybody turns up to their ever so non-transparent meetings just emboldens a few of them. I wish more folks would attend, or at least watch the tapes.

Watch Alton Central (ACS) School Board Chair Read Glowing Synopsis Of Once Suspended Facilitator With NO Mention Of Suspension.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

The prior ‘hire the $3,000 Facilitator’ post
with ‘Breaking News’ retraction
from Board Member Steve Miller.


This is classic. Watch this. Listen to the Chair, Sandy Wyatt, read this glowing resume. She reads about her tenure at Raymond. What is missing? Just the dates. Nothing more, nothing less. 

This resume was provided to her by the Superintendent, Mr. Bill Lander, who admits, and it is on this very tape, that he knows this person. Talk about keeping the public in the dark.

Watch and be amazed. This is your elected officials at work.

That said, I feel bad for Sandy Wyatt. I don’t know her and I am not sure, and I could be wrong, but I think she is not Machiavellian. In this instance she was set up by Mr. Lander. For that I feel bad. But, she, as the Chair, must have some powers to question and censure.

Facilitator Hired By Alton Central (ACS) SCHOOL BOARD, For $3,000, To Spearhead Crucial ‘Strategic Plan’ Suspended In Raymond Last September.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Breaking News

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

This is indeed interesting news. I was under the impression that
Superintendent, Mr. Bill Lander,
had briefed the Board, in non-public session, as to this matter.

Why would he have not done so?

Did he not think it was germane?

Key Points:

§ Superintendent, Mr. Bill Lander, who proposed Jean Richards, with unstinted praise, never mentioned this suspension in public session.

§ Board Members present at the August 8 meeting where this was approved: Sandy Wyatt, Terri Noyes, Steve Miller & Carlos Martinez.

§ Suspension from Raymond took place in September 2012 — less than a year ago.

§ It is not clear from the 2nd (Raymond) report, but there still appears to be residual cases in court.

§ She is now Superintendent of a school district, Monroe, with 72 students? Link.

§ Why weren’t any other Superintendents considered, or was this (another) insider-job given that Mr. Lander has indicated that he ‘knows’ her?

§ Given that bullying in various forms is a major issue at ACS it seems ironic that the Board would decide to hire a facilitator who was at ‘troubled’ Raymond.

§ To me this is another example of this board being insensitive to the parents & kids at ACS and thumbing their nose, yet again, at the bullying issues!

§ I hear, and I do not as yet, have the details, that Alton’s Prospect Mountain High School is facing a bullying lawsuit. So, the Board hires this facilitator for their strategic plan? What are they drinking?

Click to access.

Click to access.

Click ...

Click …

School Board Chair reading glowing account of proposed facilitator
with no mention of the suspension (and resignation).

Alton Central School (ACS) School Board Meeting, August 12, 2013 — DISSOLVED Due To Lack Of Quorum! W.T.F.!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This was beyond the pale.

This was unacceptable.

This was unprofessional.

This was rude.

None of the three even bothered to call, e-mail (or even text) the Superintendent or the Chair to say that they would not be making it (or at least that is what they implied). We (Deanna, I and Steve Parker from the Public) all sat and waited … till 6.15.
<< See BELOW >>

If it was an emergency one would hope that these folks have a family member that could have called.

I felt genuinely sorry for the Chair Sandy Wyatt. She tries. She deserves better respect than THIS from her own Board Members. She looked slightly bemused seated there …

This was very uncharacteristic for Steve Miller. That was commented upon by the few that were there.

Yes, I better than most understand that things come up and that everybody has a personal life in addition to their civic and professional duties.

The Principal Sydney Leggett wasn’t there either, but her absence was expected as I was led to believe.

But, not to let anyone know ahead of time was rude ….  And we are talking about 3 people here. Yes, if one didn’t bother to notify, I could handle that.

Third School Board meeting, counting last Thursday’s workshop, that Krista Argiropolis has missed. I think, and I could be wrong, that she missed another earlier in the year.

Contrary to what many may believe this is not a strictly volunteer position. The board members do get a stipend — though I think Steve Miller gives it back (or does something similar). The stipend is $1,000 a year I think. Yes, they do much more than attend the meetings, but …

I get a feeling that there is some gameplay involved here.

But this was a bad and dangerous game to play.

Yes, as ever, there was hardly any public. Apathy reigns. Parents only appear to care about renovating the building. Sad. A building does not a school make. But, obviously that is the thinking in town.

Well, a bid had to be granted today. It could not because there was no meeting.

I am, as is my wont of late, going to stand up, if nothing else but for the record, and demand that the Board adopt a set of rules as to their conduct.

I found out today that School Board members are NOT obligated to attend any of the meetings. Once elected they could miss every meeting.

That has to change.

This was bad.

I have since found out that TWO (2) Board Members (and yes, I know who they are but won’t mention their names to avoid embarrassing the third) quite correctly, per SAU policy, e-mailed the Superintendent, William ‘Bill’ Lander earlier that day. Mr. Lander got the e-mails and was aware that they would NOT be attending.

The third member rather than e-mailing Lander e-mailed the Chair instead. Not sure whether she got that e-mail prior to the meeting.

LANDER never disclosed to us, the public, that he had heard from two of the members.

There was NO REASON for him not to do so — other than maybe just plain bad manners.

This is why at the next School Board meeting I demanded that they add a permanent Agenda Item, right after the pledge, that says: ‘Regrets From Board Members’.

That should preclude Lander playing all coy and as usual by his own rules.

This was mainly Lander’s fault for not telling us.

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