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Nudity At The British Parliament As They Debate Brexit — And It Was NOT A Joke, Though It Was April Fool’s Day.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access the U.K. “Daily Mail” original.

Click to ENLARGE and study.

All from ABOVE “Daily Mail” article.

Click to ENLARGE and read here. From above “Daily Mail” article.

So, British, and it was April Fool’s Day, but in this rare instance I was NOT amused. Brexit is deathly serious and we are at a crisis point. Today’s was a crucial debate and vote. This was not the time for this type of distraction.

Nudity and streaking are very British pastimes and we are usually more than happy to entertain them.

But, not during these crisis days of Brexit. Yes, climate change needs to be discussed BUT after Brexit.

All that said it was amusing enough and you can’t but applaud them for their audacity, planning and tenacity. SMILE. Ah! Us Brits — Brexit or no Brexit.

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by Anura Guruge


The Ongoing Brexit Fiasco Distresses I For My Beloved Britain.

by Anura Guruge

Just Google.

This is so NOT us. Who would have thought that we could balls this up. That is what gets me. This is NOT British. We are bigger and better than this.

It totally confounds I.

We have to have a Brexit. Us the people, voted legitimately, to have Brexit. You can’t go back on that.

This distresses I. My Britain. I don’t like to see us being torn apart like this.

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by Anura Guruge

I Had Not Heard Of Northern Ireland Car Bomb, On Saturday — And That Rattles Me On Two Fronts.

by Anura Guruge

From CNN. Click for more.

I am a confirmed news junkie. I wake up to news on the TV, watch the news few times a day, and, moreover, read the U.K. “Daily Mail“, online, multiple times a day.

Did not see or hear about this car bombing in Northern Ireland until just a few minutes ago — and that when watching Theresa May talking about the latest Brexit possibilities.

This upsets me on two fronts.

How could I, of all people, given the amount of news I consume have missed this? Wow. Scary.

I lived through the IRA car bombings. All of it. I missed a few narrowly — including the Harrods‘ bombing. So, U.K. car bombs are not an abstract concept to I. I would hate to see ‘it’ come back. That would be bad. Very bad.

So, I am not a happy camper. I do NOT want this to MY Britain. We deserve better.

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by Anura Guruge

Though A Shareholder I Was Very Glad To See Amazon Shares Plunge $24 (3%) Today!

by Anura Guruge


Friday, September 9, 2016 AMZN chart from “”. Click to ENLARGE and study.


Amazon’s 3% drop wasn’t that bad relative to the markets. I EXPECTED the markets to be down on Friday — ahead of the 9/11 anniversary. Wall Street does not forget. Too close to home. Click to ENLARGE.

5-day and 3 month charts for Amazon (from “”, of course).


6-month chart highlighting the stupidity of those that panicked and sold. I told YOU it was a mistake. I didn’t buy AMZN that day BUT I did buy some other FANG ‘like’ stocks such as CRM.

Ten years ago I would have been distraught. Panicking. Worried that I was going to lose ‘everything’.

‘Today’ (i.e., Friday) I paid the plunge scant attention!

We needed a pullback.

AMZN had gone up too much at the start of the week. See 5-day chart. That was just irrational exuberance following the Labor Day holiday. There was no real concrete news or results to warrant the $15 rise on Tuesday. That AMZN was going to sell cars was NOT new. I had given you the heads up.

This pullback puts the price in the RIGHT RANGE for now. Over the last 18 months I have got to know this puppy quite well. I have to. I have no choice. My life, quite literally, depends on it. {SMILE}

So just a word of assurance to those who may be upset this weekend that their AMZN tanked. It will hit $800 in the next month — ahead of the results. {SMILE}

After the results it could see $900 before year end.

So relax. I told you NOT to panic during BREXIT. I was right. All the pundits were wrong. {SMILE} Getting old has SOME advantages.

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by Anura Guruge

PBS’ New “Dancing On The Edge” Is Quite The 1930s British Drama (Made By The BBC).

by Anura Guruge


Click either image to access the PBS homepage for this show.

When I saw an ad. for the show, on PBS, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of a story. Thought it might end up with an anemic story line just as an excuse to showcase a lot of 1920/1930 black jazz music in Britain. But, I went ahead and recorded it BECAUSE we had seen references to such a black jazz band, of that era, both in “Downton Abbey” & “Mr. Selfridge“.

Today we watched Episode 1 (from Sunday). It exceeded all expectations. It was a good story. Illuminating and compelling. Ironically timely too — post Brexit with ‘Hate Crimes‘ on the rise. This episode highlights the persecution and discriminations black encountered in Britain in the 1930s (which in the scheme of things wasn’t that long ago). Goo jazz music too.

More like PBS’ “Call the Midwife” than “Downton” — and that is not a bad comparison. If you liked “Midwife” or “Home Fires” you would love this. Same ‘texture’. We are definitely looking forward to Episode 2 — and by ‘we’, I include my “Downton” & “Mr. Selfridge” connoisseur, 10-year old Teischan.

So definite ‘two thumbs up’ and my toes too for this show.

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by Anura Guruge

Man Showing Flashing British Passport, Post-Brexit, To Avoid ‘Hate Crimes’ Is A Sri Lankan.

by Anura Guruge

Click here to access the June 27, 2016 U.K. “Daily Mail” original.

Click images to ENLARGE and read here.


I don’t know him personally but I do know the name. “Dissanayake” is a quintessential Sri Lankan, Sinhalese name and I even have a “Dissanayake” as a relative. “Nalin” is also a Sri Lankan name, though not a common one. There is also a Sri Lankan cricketer of that name.

That he felt compelled to do this — i.e., go around flashing his British passport — is SCARY. I guess he is worried that he would be mistaken for a Middle Eastern immigrant. This is sad. Not sure I would have to flash my British passport IF I were in Britain today, post-Brexit. I guess, for a start, I don’t dress like an immigrant.

C’est la vie. This is very sad and bad.

Just thought I would share with you that he is originally from Sri Lanka — same as I.

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by Anura Guruge

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