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Chinese Solo By Oyster River School (NH) High Schooler For 2019 Chinese New Year — At UNH.

by Anura Guruge

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This was at the ‘Traditional Tung Oil Paper Umbrella’ event I wrote about yesterday.

It was at the University of New Hampshire, ‘Confucius Institute’ today and they are doing it again tomorrow, January 30, 2019. If you are around please try to attend. It is free.

She and 69 of her classmates are going to China (with National Geographic) this April. She was amazing. Had close 70 folks, having lunch, totally transfixed. The Oyster River Chorus and Band will perform this and other songs in China.

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by Anura Guruge

Teischan, May 18, 2017 ‘Alton Central School’ (ACS) Chorus & Band Concert.

by Anura Guruge

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I had to crop the images to make sure
that nobody else could be seen —
because of privacy concerns.

Taken with my new Full-Frame Sony a7 II.

by Anura Guruge

Prospect Mountain High School, Christmas 2016, Choir & Band Concert, December 21.

by Anura Guruge

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Attribution WILL be enforced.





With the ‘new’ privacy laws when it comes to kids it is getting too complicated to take pictures at events like this — even if they are teenagers, and it is a public event. So, I don’t bother. I take a few pictures of kids I know so I can send them to their parents. I try to take some of mine. At this concert Devanee was perfectly hidden from our view for all the concert. These two peek-a-boo shots were the best I could do.

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by Anura Guruge

“Common Good Soup Kitchen” (& Popovers), Southwest Harbor, Maine — An Inspirational Cause.

by Anura Guruge

A wholesome, modern-day, year-round ‘soup kitchen’ with heart,
in Southwest Harbor, Maine, (adjacent to ‘Acadia National Park‘)
that raises money with ‘As Good As Jordan Pond‘ Popovers,
for breakfast, 
on a donation basis.

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

THE MAN himself, “Larry Stettner”. As is my luck I got to meet him, chat with him and he was kind enough to go and find a sheet (reproduced below) that spelled out what his ‘Goodness’ was all about.

The “Common Good Band” playing in the background — and they were GOOD.

Deanna happened to serendipitously stumble upon this heartwarming “Common Good” cause, on Facebook, just before we headed up to Acadia. Since we like popovers and always stop at ‘Jordan Pond House‘ for some (with me even making a v. rare exception to my low-carb diet) we decided instead to give this ‘Cause’ a try on Sunday morning. And aren’t we glad we did so. It was the BEST birthday I have had in years! Everything, starting with the music provided by the Band, was just so uplifting, collegial and bonhomous. Everybody was bending over backwards to be nice, friendly and helpful. The popovers, with maple butter and blueberry jam, were excellent. As good, if not better, than the exorbitantly expensive ones ‘Jordan Pond House’.

Wonderful experience. Getting to meet and chat with founder Larry Stettner was a treat. What a nice person. met some other nice folks too.

This will definitely be a fixture on our future visits to Acadia. I would like to do something sustainable for them. I have some ideas.

In the meantime please make sure that you pay them a visit.

What the “Common Good” is all about by Bill Morrison.

Click to ENLARGE and read here.

The “Common Good Band”,
with talented players from both ends of the age spectrum,
was excellent.

They were SO good and it is such a wonderful worthy cause that I ended up buying a hat.

They were SO good and it is such a wonderful worthy cause that I ended up buying a hat.

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by Anura Guruge

PBS’ New “Dancing On The Edge” Is Quite The 1930s British Drama (Made By The BBC).

by Anura Guruge


Click either image to access the PBS homepage for this show.

When I saw an ad. for the show, on PBS, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of a story. Thought it might end up with an anemic story line just as an excuse to showcase a lot of 1920/1930 black jazz music in Britain. But, I went ahead and recorded it BECAUSE we had seen references to such a black jazz band, of that era, both in “Downton Abbey” & “Mr. Selfridge“.

Today we watched Episode 1 (from Sunday). It exceeded all expectations. It was a good story. Illuminating and compelling. Ironically timely too — post Brexit with ‘Hate Crimes‘ on the rise. This episode highlights the persecution and discriminations black encountered in Britain in the 1930s (which in the scheme of things wasn’t that long ago). Goo jazz music too.

More like PBS’ “Call the Midwife” than “Downton” — and that is not a bad comparison. If you liked “Midwife” or “Home Fires” you would love this. Same ‘texture’. We are definitely looking forward to Episode 2 — and by ‘we’, I include my “Downton” & “Mr. Selfridge” connoisseur, 10-year old Teischan.

So definite ‘two thumbs up’ and my toes too for this show.

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by Anura Guruge

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