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~20 HOUR ‘Atlantic Broadband’ Outage, July 10 — 11, 2019, Triggered By Car Crash On Route 107.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access WMUR story if you still want to read it.

This was a long and painful Internet outage. In reality, I really shouldn’t complain since I was not majorly impacted! As I was said many times before I maintain TWO (2) Internet services to the house — one from TDS and the other from Atlantic Broadband — JUST for contingencies like that. And today, yet again, it paid off. I have been talking about a load-balanced system where both Internet feeds are bonded together for years but have yet to do so!

In terms of Wi-Fi we are seamlessly covered. Our mobile devices can easily pick up either router. So, that is not a problem.

But, I like my main PC, i.e., this, to be hardwired. And today for the first time I did it! Two years ago, after another outage, I bought a 200′ Ethernet LAN cable from Amazon for $14. Today, I used it. I had to run it from our 1st floor, where the TDS feed is, to the 4th, which is where my desk is. So, the cable had to traverse three sets of stairs. We did it. Worked first time. I was getting 400Mbps! Yes, 400Mbps! So, I can’t complain. SMILE.

Click to ENLARGE and admire.

But, having one Internet down still rattles I.

To make it worse, my ‘system’ did not automatically come up when Atlantic Broadband finally got everything up. Yes, I was monitoring Facebook.

I had to call them and got a WONDERFUL techie, named ‘Vera’ (who I have dealt with, v. successfully before), who spent 40-minutes helping me go online. Nothing profound. Just a question of repeatedly restarting modem — and then the router — till it all clicked. Stressful BUT it worked. Thanks Vera.

So, that was that saga.

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by Anura Guruge


“Atlantic Broadband”: I Downgraded, Today, From 1 Gigabit Down To 250 Mbps.

by Anura Guruge

After 6-days of immense frustration & about 5-hours of wasted time with technicians, in person & over the telephone, I decided to cut my losses and just go back to the 200Mbps service I was previously on.

Atlantic Broadband just could NOT deliver 1 Gig. After all I went through I am convinced that Atlantic Broadband’s ‘cable plant’ in Alton is NOT capable of supporting Gigabit Internet. It just does not have the capacity.

I was on hold for 90-minutes. Their service really SUCKS.

Finally, I managed to get myself downgraded. They no longer offer the 200Mbps service. So, I had to get the 250Mbps.

That service, i.e., 250Mbps, delivers on its promise. I consistently get 250Mbps. So, I am happy.

My stupidity isn’t that great that I was going to pay $40/month EXTRA to get the same level of bandwidth I can get with the 250Mbps service.

So, a HUGE Heads Up.

Do NOT get the Atlantic Broadband 1 Gig (Gigaedge) service in Alton. You will get SCREWED.


I still have a chance of getting 1 Gig — with my other Internet provider TDS! Currently I have their 300 Mbps service (as of last Friday, August 24, 2018). I also went with TDS TV. We need to do some heavy duty rewiring to move the TDS modem to my office — rather than being in the TV room. Going to do that in the next month. Then upgrading to 1 Gig with them. They are promising 800Mbps to my PC! Yes, I will keep you posted.

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by Anura Guruge

Finally Got ‘TDS TV’ And I Am Impressed & Pleasantly Pleased. Whoa!

by Anura Guruge

I resisted ‘TDS TV‘ and TDS 1 Gig Internet for nearly 2-years. Just wasn’t sure whether it would meet some stringent requirement for good, HD quality TV. Finally, last weekend I decided to take the plunge because I really do need to upgrade and rationalize my ‘networks’ — and yes, I do have two: one from TDS and the other from Atlantic Broadband.

I will, within the month, be upgrading to TDS 1 Gig Internet. But, before I did that I wanted to see how TDS TV performed.


The HD quality is outstanding. Haven’t noticed any delay or jitter as yet.

The 300Mbps Internet service seems SOLID. I am delighted.

They insist on using an ActionTech Wi-Fi router and the one they installed today wasn’t bad at all. Actually pretty damn good. Good signal strength.

The two technicians that came to do the install, Michael V. and Micale V. (not related), were impeccable.

Overall a GREAT experience. I was over the moon.

My Atlantic Broadband 1 Gig is still not perfect, BUT this TDS install made up for it.

I will keep you posted.

But, right now, two thumbs up for TDS TV.

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by Anura Guruge

“Atlantic Broadband” Cannot Deliver Gigabit ‘Gigaedge’ To Their Modem In Alton [N.H.]!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. ‘’ results from a few minutes ago. Yes, I know — server dependent. But, you would expect to see AT LEAST 150Mbps on a supposed 1,000Mbps service.

Click to access my original post from yesterday.

It is official as of around 1pm (Eastern). Atlantic Broadband, despite charging me for it, CANNOT deliver 1 Gig to their modem, at my house! The best that seems to come out of the modem, when my PC is directly attached to it, is around 550Mbps — but on average 450Mbps.

Atlantic Broadband has admitted that that was NOT right. They are sending another technician, on Friday, between 2 – 5pm, to see if they can rectify it.

So, my BITCHING about it yesterday was justified — and I got results. I forwarded my link to Atlantic Broadband via Twitter. They arranged for a technician to call me.

We spent 40-minutes. He, ‘Dave’, was very nice. He tried all sorts. But, could NOT get a reading that even got to 600Mbps.

Appears I am the FIRST to get ‘1 Gig’ in Alton [NH]. Possible that the cable might not be up to par.

I will, of course, keep you posted.

P.S., For the second time in a week I have had success getting Tech. problems resolved via Twitter.

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by Anura Guruge

“Atlantic Broadband” Gigabit ‘Gigaedge’ Is Mega-Garbage — 450Mbps IF I Am Lucky.

by Anura Guruge

What I see on ‘’. I was getting 200Mbps, consistently, prior to the upgrade. I am NOT PLEASED.

I, like so many others, have been ripped off by Telco companies but this was the most egregious.

I paid $40/month to upgrade from my 200Mbps Broadband Internet to the 1Gbps (Gigaedge) service. I was also supposed to pay $50 to cover the new modem, installation etc. After 90 minutes of trying to convince me that it was MY ‘speedtest’ that was at fault the technician decided NOT to charge me the $50. He realized that I had been ripped off.

I am CRUSHED. I am bitterly disappointed. I went with ‘Atlantic Broadband‘ rather than TDS because I thought they would look after me. WRONG. I was duped.

Well, all is NOT lost. I am going to go back to the 200/250Mbps and TRY 1Gig with TDS.

As it happens I have TDS coming in on Friday. So ….

Oh, I am getting 50Mbps upload.

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by Anura Guruge

Successfully Installed A TP-Link AC750 On My Backup (TDS) Network.

by Anura Guruge

Click for Amazon listing.

Click for Amazon listing.

Click to ENLARGE. Our network 3.5-years ago. Much has changed. I just haven’t documented it. Click to ENLARGE.

3.5-years ago, i.e., January 2015, when I first got the (then v. high-speed) 75Mbps Metrocast Internet service I did some extensive research into up-and-coming Wi-Fi routers. I discovered TP-Link. By then I had been using Wi-Fi routers for nearly 15-years and knew what to look for.

TP-Link impressed me, and I have not been proven wrong. The I then got cost me $170. I do not regret getting it. It is now down to $100.

Last Friday, during a t-storm, the CHEAP AND NASTY ‘ActionTech‘ Wi-Fi router that TDS had given me gave up the ghost. I was not upset. Actually kind of relieved. It was a GARBAGE router. Only one Wi-Fi channel and that was slow. So, I opted to get my own rather than bother even telling TDS.

I decided to go with TP-Link, on the ‘known devil‘ principle. I didn’t want spend too much money since I plan to totally overhaul the whole house with new Wi-Fi technology ‘soon’. Plus, this is our backup network — with only 45Mbps bandwidth. Our main network, from Atlantic Broadband, delivers 200Mbps.

Hence, the inexpensive TP-Link AC750. Plus, it looked cute. It doesn’t look as cute ‘in person’ as it did in the pictures, but it is OK.

Easy enough to configure. But, here is the CRAZIEST thing. It is 3.5-years newer than my Archer C9 AC1900, but it doesn’t have a pictorial interface that shows you the status of the router schematically. That surprised me.

It was baptism by fire. Four hours after I got it working I had to unplug it again because we had another major storm. Getting it hooked back on was easy enough.

From the little I have seen of it, I like it. Fingers-crossed.

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by Anura Guruge

Drop In “Atlantic Broadband” Internet Speed Appears To Have Been My Dying Arris SB6141 Modem.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and be IMPRESSED. From:

Installed under my desk.

My 3-year old ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem that appears to have kicked the bucket.

My ‘Atlantic Broadband‘ Internet speed had been steadily falling for the last couple of weeks. I even did a post about in on June 24, 2018. I knew I should have called them, but had been just too busy.

Well, this morning the matter was finally settled for me. I had NO Atlantic Broadband‘ Internet service, though my TDS service was still up.

Called Atlantic Broadband‘ (the new ‘Metrocast’). They were very good. They could not get my modem online. They suspected that it was dead. Told me I needed to try a new modem and that I could rent one from them.

They gave me one of these BIG Arris TG3452 Gateways. It has 4-LAN ports, Wi-Fi and voice ports. I don’t need any of that. But, I checked the specs. The Cable specs. are OUT OF THIS WORLD. DOCSIS 3.1 and 32 channel bonding. To get one with the same specs. would cost me $197. So, I am going to keep it. I gather I lucked out. They have only had these DOCSIS 3.1 modems for less than a week.

A technician came later on and changed my connectors. They were getting old and rusty.

I am again getting 200Mbps — though not ALL the time. Sometimes it still drops down to 160Mbps. But, prior to the new modem I had ceased to be able to get above 160Mbps.

I do have a TDS 45 Mbps service IN ADDITION to this ‘150 Mbps’ service — as a backup. I use it to drive my Roku 3 streaming.

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by Anura Guruge

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