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Satya Nadella, Of Microsoft, Buoyed By Success In India, Plans To Deliver Best-In-Breed, 3D Holographic ‘Common Core’ Teachers.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.???????????????????????????????


Anura Guruge

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3D Holographic projections (showcased by CNN during the November 2008 elections) is now all the rage in high-tech, ‘money-no-object’ India. Politicians love it; who wouldn’t when you can be in four places at the same time (like Indian gods of yore).


Click to to access Indian ‘Digital Analog’ coverage.



Given Microsoft’s (and Bill Gates’) enormous vested interest in promoting “Common Core” (and recouping their investment in the biometric bracelets) it makes sense that Nadella, trying for an early dramatic hit, would go for something like this. The technology is easy enough. There is, however, as is to be expected, a hefty hardware investment required. But, Microsoft plans to get around this via an attractive, hard-to-refuse leasing program. All schools in the U.S., provided that they are board approved to teach “Common Core”, will be eligible for the Microsoft “Common Core” virtual-teachers. Though I am not sure how many schools will permit this the kids will actually have the option of choosing who they want to be their teacher, for any given module, from a library of best-of-breed teachers from around the World. But, you can also customize, à la high-end GPS, the language, voice, accent and tone in which the module is to be delivered. So, if it will amuse the kids and keep them engaged, you could have a virtual Japanese teacher go through a module in English conjugation in a funny Indian accent. There is no end to the possibilities. The holographic virtual teachers will be able, in the U.S., in August 2014 for the 2014 – 2015 school year. Installation and setup of the cloud servers, quintuple-band streaming Wi-Fi projectors and the huge software libraries will take at least a month. So schools will have to get on board soon. Cameras will be used, with centralized monitoring stations, to make sure that the kids are paying attention since the holographic teachers can be utilized with a teacher or even a substitute having to be in the classroom. 


Don’t Think Pope Francis Is A Marxist, But He Sure Is Very Cheap For Somebody Who Commands Billions In Tangible Assets.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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I like this pope. Plus, unlike ANYBODY else, I cited him, in print, in my 2011The Next Pope 2011, as one of the Top 10 papabili

So, don’t even try and get on your high horse and start accusing me of having a go at the pope etc. Not so. As one of the most prolific papal historians around, all that I am doing is pointing out some hard facts the way they are.


As somebody who is a great believer in charity, I am beyond delighted by this pope’s commitment towards the poor and downtrodden. I can’t be happier.

I am overjoyed that he is trying to eschew the extravagant, lavish, ‘dripping gold’ lifestyle adopted by some popes — especially the last one who was an unashamed dandy.

But, as I pointed out in this 100-day report there is a difference between being a pope for the poor and a ‘poor pope’. This pope is not poor. A modern pope, by definition, is not poor.

A pope has absolute, unfettered, unilateral, uncontested control over billions of liquid and tangible assets.

Compared to a pope, a U.S. President is a powerless, pauper.

The pope has no Congress, judicial branch, re-elections or mid-terms to contend with.

He is not answerable to anyone on Earth!

Then I have also made my point about how charity HAS to begin at the Vatican.

So let us just look at a very public recent example.

The devastating typhoon that crippled the Philippines.

The Philippines is overwhelmingly a Roman Catholic country.

From Wikipedia. Click to access.

From Wikipedia. Click to access.

So now let us look at some of the foreign aid provided to the Philippines post typhoon:

Click to access original.

Click to access original.

So how much do you think the Pope agreed to give?

Same paper. Click to access.

Same paper. Click to access.

 This is what drives me NUTS about this
Jesuit Pope.

$150,000 in aid … to the Philippines … which considers itself the most Catholic of countries?

This pope is cheap!


Here is a Philippine’s Government Website
that is tracking the foreign aid.

Check the Vatican. Same number.

As I have said so many times till I am brown in the face, this pope can raise a billion dollars in a day by selling 400 random items from around the Vatican.

He claims he is not materialistic.

OK. Show me the proof.

Sell some of the unused, unseen, stacked away in basements, Vatican treasures.

That is all.


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