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Eye4 C1 Indoor Surveillance Camera, With Motion Detect & IR, Is An Absolute Steal At $40 To Mitigate Sibling Rivalry.

by Anura Guruge


Click here to access Amazon product page.

No, no. We did NOT get this as a serious indoor surveillance camera for the house. That had been taken care of long time ago.

This was the latest hi-tech measure to mitigate the intense, war-footing sibling rivalry. Yep. This is to hopefully stop accusations of theft (of little things like batteries (rather than going down 2 flights of stairs to my huge cache of batteries (from the Dollar store)). 

And this camera for $40 an absolute beauty.

It took us, Teischan and I, less than 3 minutes, TOPS, to set it up — including downloading the Android APP (to Teischan’s pad) and setting it upon Wi-Fi (using the ‘WOW That Was Easy’ one-touch Wi-Fi configuration). Worked first time. No hassle. Absolute joy. This thing has Infrared for night vision, motion detection and can be controlled remotely. Yes, it is slightly big BUT we are talking $40.

Things are bad on the sibling rivalry issue at our house. In November, fed up with the constant bickering, I got them FOOD LOCKERS! Now they can lock up their favorite snacks so that the other doesn’t ‘borrow’ them. But it appears that wasn’t enough. So hopefully this camera will provide some type of true — the CAMERA DETERRENT!

This was the second camera we tried out. I first ordered an UOKOO camera but we couldn’t set it up! So that went back.

Two thumbs PLUS, PLUS for this camera. Amazing. Oh, it has two-way voice communications too and as such would be GREAT as a baby monitor or a pet monitor. 5-star. We love it. Not sure I would use it as a security camera — and I am not sure whether you can access it over the Internet as opposed to just Wi-Fi. I haven’t looked. But for now it does all of what I/Teischan want it to do. For me its is the peace. $40 for that. You can’t beat it. SMILE.

by Anura Guruge

SketchPro 3D Pen — Works & Teischan Is Hooked.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access Amazon product page (where you can, of course, order one).

Our pictures. Click to ENLARGE.


Click to ENLARGE and read my review here. IF you prefer to read the original at Amazon, with the pictures, use the link below.

Click here if you want to read the original as it appears on Amazon.

4 pictures of the early creations.

Given my prolific Web presence it should not come as a surprise that I get contacted by folks asking me if I will review their products. I do NOT accept all of them because I want to be honest, upfront and credible. So I will turn down products that I know that we will not do justice to.

When I was offered this, at a list price of $95 (with a $95 off coupon), I could not resist. I knew that it would get used. I was just hoping that it would not disappoint. I should not have worried. It, after (what I guess was an inevitable) hesitant start has proved to be a great success. Deanna informed me that Teischan was using it, creating a red heart, WHILE she was eating breakfast this morning, prior to school! That is impressive. Typically she would have been on her pad. I have already been told to order more (non-smoking) filament. That I will do.

I think this could be a new craze in the house. I will try to keep you posted.

by Anura Guruge

IF Amazon Thinks They Only Have 1,000 Fake Reviewers They Are Definitely ‘Under The Influence’ At Work!

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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From ‘marketwatch.com’. Click to ENLARGE and read here.

This is a BIG joke on the part of Amazon, just in the same way that most of us, who actually do real business on the site, know that at least 50% of the reviews are a JOKE.

They are out-and-out BOGUS and Amazon has ENCOURAGED that for decades.

There were people in the U.S. writing reviews for the Sony RX10 II, that they claimed that they had bought from Amazon, 8 weeks BEFORE the camera started shipping in the U.S.!

I have review on some of my books from people who I know, just from what the review says, never saw the book let alone bought it.

Amazon, and here I speak as one who has MORE of a monetary stake in Amazon (in terms of the number of shares I own) that in any other ‘thing’ (including our (very modest) house) in the World. Yes, I am a genuine stakeholder. I want Amazon to do well. But on this issue I know that Amazon will always be disingenuous and even duplicitous. They WANT reviews — more stars the better. They EVENTUALLY published my 1-star review against the Sony a77 Mk II, but only after 72 hours when my 4- and 5-star reviews get published in seconds!

I do plan to attend the next shareholder meeting, in Seattle, in person. My main goal is to address the issue of Kindle books and the widespread misconception that you need a Kindle to read a Kindle eBook. That drives me nuts. Amazon share are going gangbusters. But the share price does not reflect quite a few things that are drastically wrong with this company — their encouragement of bogus reviews high on that list.

Nothing BUT Kudos, Very High Kudos, For Cameta Camera.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

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The impeccable way that they handled the return of my Sony a77 mk II was exemplary.

I can’t say enough good things. That the Sony went haywire and lost 989 images was NOT their fault. But they did not complain or bicker.

I am amazingly impressed and grateful.

I will buy my next camera from them DIRECTLY without going through Amazon.

Class act.


Total and utter endorsement.

You can buy from Cameta with CONFIDENCE.

Thank YOU, Cameta Camera. You are an example to all.

A ‘Fellow Of The Royal Astronomical Society’ (FRAS) Writes A Nice Review On My Comet ISON Book.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.ISONRefCoverBook

Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to access the comment at Amazon UK.

Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to access the comment at Amazon UK.

Click here to access comment at Amazon U.K.

I did not know this gentleman till yesterday when he sent me a very nice e-mail complimenting me on the book.

[He also flagged a typo, where I had IOSN rather than ISON, which I have now fixed on both the printed and Kindle versions, this being the joy of today’s digital, on-demand, publishing.]

It is comments like these from folks that you don’t know that drives me to keep on writing books though I don’t really make a dime on these books!
It is but a very indulgent, expensive hobby — albeit, 99% of the cost really just in terms of my time since I don’t pay to have these books published
and I do, with Deanna’s help, all the work.

So, this was nice.

Writing another ISON book. Yes, that will be my 3rd on ISON and 4th on comets & 6th on astronomy.

Who would have thought that I would end up writing books on popes and astronomy.

But, that has always been the beauty of my life. I never know what I might be doing in a couple of years.

Well, must go. There is another book to be finished.

Thank you, Mr. Corneille.

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