“Shibboleth”, A Lovely, Powerful Word That I Discovered Today.

by Anura Guruge

This NBC post is where I saw. Click on image to access the original story.

I came across it in the above NBC post. Stopped me dead in my tracks. I could not recall ever coming across that word. Something about it. It sounded so evocative. Had to look it up.

Its meaning blew me away. WOW. What a great word. I am bummed that I had never come across it before.

I love words. I love names — which also happen to be words.

I had to share this word with YOU.

I discovered that it was Biblical. Yes, I can see the Hebrew origins.

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by Anura Guruge

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2 responses to ““Shibboleth”, A Lovely, Powerful Word That I Discovered Today.”

  1. James Clarke says :

    Hi Anura,

    You should check out the episode of the T.V. show The West Wing called Shibboleth starring Martin Sheen.

    Clips are available on YouTube.

    Kind Regards

    Jim Clarke

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