‘$600’ 2nd Stimulus Check ‘Mailed’ January 6 Gets Here On January 12, 2021.

by Anura Guruge

For those who are still waiting.

I am talking on paper checks. That is what we got.

IRS Website said ‘mailed’ on January 6, 2021. But, this is quite literally ‘the check is in the mail‘ scenario.

Not sure it actually got to the USPS on January 6. But, notice the check is indeed DATED 01/06/2021.

Given that it got here today, i.e., January 12, 2021, it probably did not get mailed till Thursday or Friday. Just a heads up.

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by Anura Guruge

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4 responses to “‘$600’ 2nd Stimulus Check ‘Mailed’ January 6 Gets Here On January 12, 2021.”

  1. Anonymous says :

    it is Jan 22 and still waiting for the USPS to deliver our stimulus ck!

    • Anura Guruge says :

      Oh, dear. I am sorry. Did your address change, etc. I hear that there is still a chance. IF it doesn’t come by Feb. 12, you can file your taxes early (i.e., starting Feb. 12) & request what is owed to you (i.e., ammount of check) as a REFUND. I consider ourselves LUCKY that we got ours quickly. They, i.e., IRS, had my 20-year old daughter’s bank info. She got her $600 about 10-days BEFORE us. I am SORRY.

  2. Renaldo Torres says :

    It is now Jan. 27th and my wife and I have not received out stimulus checks. What is next to do? We are retired and get our Social Security Direct Deposit every month, but got our first stimulus check by check and this time nothing.

    • Anura Guruge says :

      If you got 1st stimulus check you are in thei system. We are same as you. SSA deposit but SSA does not share that with IRS. Crazy & shame you haven’t got check. In a few weeks you will have to claim by filing a tax return. But that will take months. I am truly sorry.

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