The ‘Dell’ ‘G5 Gaming Desktop PC’ Is Woefully Short Of ‘Juice’ & Cooling.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access post from nearly a year ago.

Yes, another year has gone by & I have still NOT got myself a new PC. This is CRAZY. I appreciate that. I really am on borrowed time now. This PC is 11-years old! 11-years old.

It is NOT funds. Mainly that I have been too busy. I wrote & published 4, 5 or 6 books last year. I really am not sure as to how many. It was at least 4. That much I know.

So, I am yet again in PC shopping mode. I have now decided I am going to buy one online. I just CANNOT find a local person that I am comfortable with.

I happened to look at the Dell G5.

All the specs — highly customizable — are GOOD, bar the cooling fans & power supply (PSU). Dell does NOT let you UPGRADE them.

The PSU & the cooling is BARELY adequate. Yes, of course, it will work, BUT you really are ‘on the knife edge’.

You are close to the top limit of the PSU & the cooling is a joke.

So, I Googled. I was right.

The G5 will RUN HOT & I do NOT like HOT PCs. Many things I like hot, BUT NOT PCs.

So, I am giving YOU a HEADS UP so that you won’t get into trouble.

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by Anura Guruge

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