Absolutely Stunning Black & White (Monochrome) Self-Portrait By Gifted Photographer ‘Torsten Glaenzel’.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE, stude & ADMIRE.

Click image to access his AMAZING Website.

I have known ‘Tee Gee’ & admired his work for quite a few years. He has even helped me with one of my photos in 2016. He was good then, he has become BRILLIANT now.

I have always admired his monochrome work. This, today, I think, is his best. What do YOU think?

He will soon be mega-famous. WOW.

Enjoy. Check out his Website. Contact him ….

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by Anura Guruge

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2 responses to “Absolutely Stunning Black & White (Monochrome) Self-Portrait By Gifted Photographer ‘Torsten Glaenzel’.”

  1. TasView says :

    I like the editing and lighting, looks like three light sources.

    • Anura Guruge says :

      Hi, I am not sure. Tee Gee is a PhotoShop addict (to my chagrin). I have never used it, but I kind of remember ‘hearing’ that it lets you create light sources. From what I gather he spends 3-4 hours on PS creating a single image! Interesting guy. German. Here as a refugee (from Germany)! Has about 400 models in TOW that he found via Facebook. I can put YOU in touch with him. You are both photographers. I take pictures. I consider myself a writer. SMILE. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving (I am joking).

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