Trying To Get A RAPID COVID-19 Test In New Hampshire Appears More Difficult That Trying To Castrate An Angry Bull Elephant.

by Anura Guruge

As some of you know I am SUPPOSED to get cataract surgery on my left eye, this Wednesday, in Boston, by ‘OCB‘.

At 2pm TODAY they called to say I need a negative COVID test BEFORE they will schedule the bloody surgery. They basically give me 24-hours.

We (i.e., two of us) start checking on the Web & calling around. Some folks were VERY NICE BUT there was NO WAY they could get me test results that quickly.

I got in the car & drove to a facility.

They told me to come back at 8am tomorrow & they will SEE what they can do. I also have a 1pm appointment in Wolfeboro, at Huggins Hospitals, BUT it is not certain they can get me the results ahead of bloody Wednesday.

I am far from bloody amused.

This has become a frigging bloody joke. Well, I will keep you posted. It will be bloody FUNNY if I test positive.

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by Anura Guruge

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