The Looming WINE SHORTAGE: Most Devastating Shortage Of Them ALL.

by Anura Guruge

Quick Google confirmed my worst FEARS.

Ye Gods!

This is BEYOND my worst nightmare.

Toilet paper shortage. Bothered me none. I always knew I could lay my hands on some kind of paper or get a bidet.

Metamucil shortage. There were alternatives.

WINE SHORTAGE! That is serious. This is no joke. Yes, NOT entirely COVID related. Californian wildfires. Yes, prices have already gone up.

Should I stock up. I should. BUT, herein lies the problem. I will just drink MORE. So, it will be gone. Then WHAT?

Then WHAT?

Maybe I could — maybe I should — now that I am officially old start drinking brandy. That is an idea. I think I could survive on brandy. What do YOU think.


Ye Gods.

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by Anura Guruge

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