Samsung ‘Watch 3’ Side-by-Side On My Wrist With Garmin ‘Fenix 6 Pro Solar’ — Both Titanium.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE & Study.

Garmin (bigger, less bright) on LEFT.

I had to try it, viz., the Samsung ‘Watch 3’. And if I was going to try it, it had to be Titanium.  I am a sucker for BOTH AMOLED displays & Titanium. Well, Samsung indulges I, but alas Garmin only gives me Titanium.

I do like the display on the Samsung. To I that is the MAIN reason to get it. Very different watches. The Garmin, of course more expensive, is feature & function rich. But, now the irony. At 67 what I do MAINLY is walk/hike & clock up elevation (i.e., ‘floors’). The Samsung can handle that, plus Heart Rate & blood oxygen saturation. Supposedly it can do VO2 MAX but I haven’t found it. Plus, it has watch faces galore.

Yes, battery life, especially with the ‘Always On Display’ I INSIST on, ON, is appalling! I keep on charging it when I am seated — typing!

Well, lets see how it works out. Not my first Samsung Smartwatch. I treated myself at Christmas 2017 to a Samsung ‘Frontier S3’. But, I hardly worse it & eventually sold it, for a good price, on eBay. So, who knows. I will keep you posted.

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by Anura Guruge

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