I Used ‘FaxZero’ For The 1st Time Last Night; I Was Pleased & Impressed.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access ‘FaxZero.com’.

I have always hated faxes with a vengeance. Such a pain. I was so thrilled when e-mails started to supplant bloody faxes. But, as some of you know, doctors insist on using faxes citing HIPAA compliance etc.

Well, I had to send a fax last night — yes, to my eye doctor.

We used to subscribe, many, many years ago to a fax service. I couldn’t even remember its name.

I wanted a Web-based service. FaxZero came up. It was FREE so I gave it a spin.

It worked. It even provides delivery confirmation. No messing around. Quite professional. I was so happy & impressed that I gave them a TIP via PayPal. They earned it.

Just wanted to let you know. Next time you need to send a fax try them out. I am sure that you will NOT be dissapointed. I wasn’t.

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by Anura Guruge

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5 responses to “I Used ‘FaxZero’ For The 1st Time Last Night; I Was Pleased & Impressed.”

  1. TasView says :

    It’s hard to believe people still use faxes! Roll out the Gestetna machine!

    • Anura Guruge says :

      Doctors use this EXCUSE re. U.S. privacy laws! Claim faxes are more secure than e-mails. For same logic they still use PAGERS in this country. Privacy!

      • TasView says :

        Its easy enough to send a fax to the wrong number. Coincidentally it happened to my wife a month or so ago when her doctor sent a referral fax to the wrong specialist! Took weeks to sort out and finally get an appointment with the right one.

      • Anura Guruge says :

        I hate faxes. US patient privacy laws were formulated in the 1980s when the Web/e-mail was still embryonic. I hope your wife is FINE. Cheers.

      • TasView says :

        And yet here we are 40 years later … I hate faxes too! Despite the delay in care, all’s good thank.

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