‘Yorkshire’ — 1959 Calendar With 25 B&W Photos.

by Anura Guruge

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

Hover over picture for caption.

Cover — Walkington

I got this at a yard sale many moons ago. I always planned to do this, i.e., capture & save the images digitally.

Cute. 1959. I was 6-years old. Don’t think I was familiar with Yorkshire then.

I first visited Yorkshire c. 1978. Been there quite a few times since.

My 2nd most favorite place in the whole world, next to my BELOVED Canyon de Chelly, is in Yorkshire. Fountains Abbey. YES, there is a picture of the grounds in this calendar — viz. Studley Park that is to one side of the Abbey. I recognized it BEFORE I read the description.

I also recognized the park in Harrogate BEFORE I read the description. Ditto York. Yes, I have spent lots of time in both Harrogate & York. I used to do seminars in both cities.

Two of the other pictures — viz. Hawnby & Laverton — are said to be close to two other favorites of mine, Rievaulx Abbey & Ripon. But, I, alas do not know them as well as I know Fountains, York & Harrogate.

Now that I have digitized this calendar I have no real use for it. IF you are interested let me know. SMILE.

This calendar was published by the ‘Yorkshire Conservative Newspaper Company‘! They were in Leeds.

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