“Radioactive” (2019) ‘Marie Curie’ Movie On Amazon Prime — Good, Quite Good BUT Not That Radiant.

by Anura Guruge

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YouTube trailer

I hadn’t fully realized it, but one way or another I appear to have a fairly decent idea about Marie Curie’s life. That meant that I was familiar with about 50% of what was in this movie. That was the ONLY reason that it did NOT enthrall me more. I just knew the story.

BUT, if you are not familiar with her marvelous story you will enjoy it MUCH MORE.

Well made. They even include little snippets to educate you on the deep science. That was cute.

They also include clips of nuclear events that happened well after her death — including the ‘Chernobyl‘ accident from 1989. One of the clips included a 1961 US nuclear test blast in Nevada. I guess I had forgotten about that. I was 8 & living in Ceylon.

But, GOOD movie. Definitely worth watching. I enjoyed it. So, I do recommend it. Enjoy. SMILE.

Quite the lady in so many different respects. SMILE.

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