We Saw Comet NEOWISE (i.e., C/2020 F3) From New Hampshire, Tonight — Even Got A Blurry Picture.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

We, i.e., Teischan (14) & I, saw it at around 10pm Friday night, from Alton, New Hampshire. We were on ‘Ridge Road’, by the side of ‘Prospect Mountain‘ — about 2-miles from home. It is high up & gets you above the treeline. We lucked out in terms of clouds. Few around, but lots of gaps.

I saw it, through a pair of 10×50 Zeiss binoculars on the VERY 1st look. Couldn’t see it at 1st with just my glasses. Took the binoculars out, put them to my eyes, turned around & looked.

BINGO! It was right there in the middle. Could see the tail clearly. I had to take a double take to make sure. Nope, that was it.

Teischan, though she wears glasses, could see it without the binoculars. After awhile, once my eyes got accustomed (& we had a fair amount of car & bike traffic going by with their lights on), I too could see it naked-eye, BUT it was very faint.

Unless you were looking for it & saw it, it is not something that will catch your eye.

It will get brighter over the next 6-days.

It will be CLOSEST to Earth on Thursday, July 23, 2020. Weather permitting that will be our best shot of seeing it in its full glory.

I was psyched. The DAY my Comet NEOWISE book gets published on Amazon — I get to see it for the 1st time. That was special. I was excited. I was happy.

Click to check the book out.

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by Anura Guruge


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