What Am I Thinking: How Come ‘See’ & ‘Sea’ Came To Be So Close?

by Anura Guruge

A LOT of ‘THINKS‘ (quite literally) come into my mind all the time. I THINK about them. I like to THINK. I spend a lot of time each day THINKING.

So, I was THINKING that I should share some of what I THINK about with YOU.

So, this was the other day, in Acadia, hiking. Yes, I was looking at the SEA. I could SEE the SEA.

Got me THINKING. ‘See’ & ‘Sea’. Very different entities. There shouldn’t be a commonality. So, how come we ended up with these two words that sound the same?

That is what I was thinking about.

Yes, I took a QUICK look at the entomologies when I got home. Didn’t see anything obvious. So, it is still on my stack of things to THINK.

Tell me what YOU THINK.

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by Anura Guruge


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