Steps, Distance, ToD, Elapsed Time, Pace & Heart Rate On The Same ‘Garmin’ Activity Screen.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

The ‘Simple Steps’ data field I used from ‘Connect IQ’.

I should have done this AGES ago. My fault. Just never got around to allocating the 20-minutes or so it was going to take — mainly to do the RESEARCH.

Big — ACTUALLY HUGE — issue is that Garmin, inexplicably, does NOT provide a native Data Field for STEPS. How crazy is that. So, I had to Google that.

Enough folks recommended ‘Simple Steps‘ — & you can add me to that list. Works. No hassle. Just downloaded it — & it appears as a Data Field from ‘Connect IQ’.

Yes, 6-fields.

But, these are ALL the fields I want. Actually, I am NOT that fussed about pace, but I could fit it in. Don’t think I want anything else. This is for my WALK. That is mainly what I do. I no longer differentiate between WALKING & HIKING. In my case they are basically the same. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

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2 responses to “Steps, Distance, ToD, Elapsed Time, Pace & Heart Rate On The Same ‘Garmin’ Activity Screen.”

  1. TasView says :

    Thanks for your post. While looking for Simple Steps tonight I stumbled on another one called “Walker” that you might like to check out. It has more fields and displays steps for the activity as well as total daily steps. I haven’t had my Fenix 5 for long, much better than the Fitbit Ionic it replaced.

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