When It Comes To COVID-19 Deaths Among ‘Over 60s’ — We Should Also Have Obesity, Diabetes & Smoking Stats.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. This example from ‘Axios’. You can find plenty more.

Yes, every death is tragic. Too many have died already — some, probably, needlessly.

While I appreciate that this is NOT EASY we really should be getting more data so that we can all get a better handle on this.

Yes, I talk as one who is 67.

So, I am at HIGH-RISK.

I want to be able to BETTER gauge my risk — based on known risk factors.

This point was driven home when I was watching a TV segment about the unacceptable level of deaths in nursing homes. They were showing pictures from nursing homes — kind of as background.

I was struck by the number of folks that were obese. I hadn’t really given that much thought. But, as you gte holder it obviously becomes harder to exercise — and, moreover, you start losing the rationale for watching your diet. I get that.

So, my 1st question: Is the real risk factor AGE or OBESITY? Do we know that.

Let me couch it another way: Is an obese 60-year old at more risk than a spry, active, 70-year old?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

I would, for obvious reasons.

That is my ONLY point in this post. I would like to see more data.

Not just ‘x% were over 60‘ … but, more like, ‘x% over 60 & non-obese‘ etc.

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by Anura Guruge

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