I Sold My Full-Frame ‘Canon EOS RP’ On eBay Today — 1-Year After I Got It.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.


Did NOT plan it as such — sell it after 1-year.

NO. I did NOT need the money. SMILE.

I just realized I had NOT used it in over 2-months. And that is my rule with cameras. IF I haven’t used it — get rid of it.

Last picture I had taken with it.

That was on January 28, 2020!

Not good.

It had to go.

Obviously I am still taking pictures every day. But, not with my Canon. I like my ‘new’ Google Pixel 4.

I am happy with what I got on eBay. I ended up selling the grip, my Canon RF 35mm (which I had BARELY used) and my control ring adapter. Still have two other items to sell. I am good.

I have NO CAMERA! Wow. Just my Google Pixel 4. Kind of feel naked.

Yes, I have an idea as to what I might get. NO, it will not be full-frame. It will not even be APS-C or even 1″!

Yes, I am going back to TINY sensor. I am going to get a TRAVEL compact. The Pixel 4 doesn’t zoom far or do macro that well.

I will keep you posted.

One of the 1st pictures I took with it.
April 17, 2019.

Funny. I wrote a book about getting this camera.

My accidental book!


Camera’s gone. But, the book is forever! That is life. That is why I write books!

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by Anura Guruge

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