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The New ‘Fitbit Charge 4’ Proving To Be Remarkably — & Impressively — Accurate.

by Anura Guruge

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Yesterday, after my 1st day with it, I noticed that the step count on the Fitbit Charge 4 was within 1% of those measured on my Garmin Fenix 6.

This was my 5th Fitbit & I have never had one that tracked so close to a Garmin. SMILE.

Wow. I was amazed and impressed.

This morning I did this SHORT GPS comparison. Today was my ‘day-off’. In terms of exercise I have been on a 3-days ON, 1-day OFF routine for ever. It works for I. I get 6-days of exercise a week with 1-day off. I am cool with that. On my day off I do not do my 4+ walk (in the morning) or my 23-minutes on my exercise bike. Hence, this short walk.

The GPS map track is GOOD. Distance is about the same as that on the Garmin. The time difference is explainable. I can’t turn them both on/off at the same time.

I just checked the step counts for the day. 110-step difference between the two at 7,800 steps. That is good. Very good.

I am impressed. Best Fitbit, in terms of accuracy, yet.

Well done, Fitbit.

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by Anura Guruge

IRS ‘Stimulus Check’ “Get My Payment” Portal WORSE Than ‘ObamaCare’ Portal In 2013 — With Its ‘Technical Difficulties’.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the original article. Google “IRS technical difficulties” for more.

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This is the problem.

MANDATORY field. You have to click one or the other, and after that it will NOT accept ‘0’.

Click image to access the April 18, 2020, UPDATE.

This is so frigging patheetic — even by D.C. standards.

This is what happens when you have software written by crackheads — and from what I can see, most of today’s programmers are ON DRUGS!

This should be a 5-minute fix and 4 of those would be for TESTING. I know. I was a high-flying programmer for 20-years, and was HIRED as a programmer by IBM in 1973 (when they had very high-standards (and after they made me take 3 IQ tests).


How can YOU? So trivial.

What amazes me is that it wasn’t fixed. So easy.

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by Anura Guruge

The Picture Of The Day (Google Pixel 4) + 6 Also-Rans — April 17, 2020.

by Anura Guruge

NO post-processing whatsoever.

Taken with my Google Pixel 4 Phone.

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

a peach blossom Anura Guruge Google Pixel 4

The also rans:

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by Anura Guruge


New, Promising Comet C/2020 F8 (SWAN) VS. C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) That Has Fizzled.

by Anura Guruge

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C/2020 F8 (SWAN) definitely has promise & potential. But, you saw what happened to C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS). So, let’s give this one another couple of weeks before we get too excited. Yes, I will, of course, monitor progress and keep you posted. Promise. We will definitely know by end of April.

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by Anura Guruge

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