Why Aren’t They Cremating The Coronavirus COVID-19 Victims — Burial Is So Unnecessary & A Waste.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. This one from the U.K. “Guardian”. Google. Plenty more.

Well, pandemic or NOT, it is one of my pet peeves.

Yes, some of you will know what I would prefer. But, it is possible that hospitals have their hands full to accept cadavers. I will accept that.

But, MASS burials?

Any burials.

OK. I am NOT sure whether the virus can ‘stay’ in the ground. Does NOT matter.

Burial is so 19th century.

Why not cremate?

I am 99% sure that the virus will NOT go up in smoke! The heat will destroy it. Plus, crematoriums have all sorts of filters.

Just a thought.

Cremate rather than bury.

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by Anura Guruge

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2 responses to “Why Aren’t They Cremating The Coronavirus COVID-19 Victims — Burial Is So Unnecessary & A Waste.”

  1. CA Snyder says :

    This whole thing is just a plot to
    Bring down the wonderful things that have been happening in our country since Trump was elected. As you might recall the Dems and Libs jumped on Trump as a racist when he tried to close down travel early from these countries. Now they want to raise the crime rate, mental Illness and bankrupt the country with their stimulus packet for all! Only the unemployed deserve this!!!! Even the totals being reported are a lie as they are counting everyone who does as the virus toll. Get smarter than what they think
    You all are!!!!

  2. WeaverGrace says :

    I see your point about cremation being an effective way to limit the spread of COVID. I, too, dislike the vast land use of cemeteries, though I appreciate the green space that they provide in populated areas. However, when a cremation facility considered building a site near me, I learned that the facilities discharge an incredible amount of toxins and use an atrocious amount of fossil fuel. Also, cremation takes longer than burial, so would slow down the processing of the bodies. Have you seen the mushroom suits and human composting that transforms the bodies into plant food? I see that as the way of the future, hopefully sooner than later.

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