When You Get A Royalty Cheque For TECHNOLOGY Books You Wrote 17 Years Ago!

by Anura Guruge

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This is for a ‘Web Services‘ book I wrote and published in 2003 — 17-years ago!

‘They’, i.e., ‘Elsevier’, paid me a decent advance in 2013. I was happy with JUST that. SMILE.

Wow. I never realized they were selling the e-book for this much. It must be GOOD. SMILE.

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So, yes, I know I don’t make any money on my recent books. But, that is OK. I still just SMILE when people think I haven’t made money as an author. SMILE.

This was last year.

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This was the year before.

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If these were NOT technology books it wouldn’t crack me up at all. But, these are books that are now 60% out-of-date! Yes, some of the basic principles will still be the same but a lot of water flows under the bridge over the course of 15-years when it comes to technology.

These books have a ‘Look Inside‘ capability and people can return them. That I am still getting royalties mean that people must still find some value in them. That pleases me. These were good books when I wrote them.

I also got pretty decent advances on each of the books. So, I am pleased. I am smiling.


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