9-Year Old ‘Gay’ Boy Asking Help From Pete Buttigieg — What THE HECK Is Happening?

by Anura Guruge

Click to access originals:
the first from the U.K. ‘Daily Mail’ & 2nd ‘New York Post’.

I saw this last night. I was beside myself. It is so, SO, SO WRONG — morally wrong — on so many fronts.

I think Pete did semi-OK, but not great. Yes, it must have been a shock (unless he got a heads-up beforehand). THIS WAS WRONG. This should never have happened. Pete, should have had a BETTER answer.

I am approaching this as a father of 4, three daughters & one son — ranging from 31 to 13. (So, given that I have a 13-year old, it wasn’t that long ago that she was 9).

This is WRONG!

There is no way, in hell, that a 9-year old should be talking about orientation!

NO. NOPE. Not bloody right.

9-years old.

A 9-year old should NOT KNOW about sexual orientation.

What has happened to US.

Plus, his hormones haven’t kicked in — as yet.

He is prepubescent.

I am in shock.

His parents should be talking to Child Services. There is something WRONG here.

OK. You know what I am getting at.

This is WRONG. Bloody wrong.

9-year old. No. No. NO.

Pete, you should have DONE BETTER.

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by Anura Guruge

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