Treasures I Got At Yesterday’s ‘603 Estate Sale’ In Manchester (N.H.)

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

In my old age I don’t go crazy anymore. I am extremely selective — mainly because we have basically run out of room. I just look for exotic items that tickle my fancy and you should be able to see the theme here.

There was no way I was going to bypass the ‘Prayer Feather‘. Not only was blinking beautiful it was (supposedly) Native American art (though I, in all my travels, have never seen such or heard of them). As some of you know I collect Native American art and have quite a collection. SMILE.

The straw family is American folk art — and beautiful too. I found them in a box of miscellaneous and mainly ‘tat’ Christmas decorations. I was lucky to find the baby.

As for the lobster trap Christmas ornament. Remember, wife’s father was a lobsterman and it has Maine connotations.

As for the b&w picture. It is on metal. I think it is quite an old ‘tintype’ — or ferrotype. It is well worn and the metal is bent. Judging from the subject it could be close to hundred years old. I like old pictures. So ….

Then the $15 (pre-discount) leather jacket. It is a ‘Wilson Leather’ women’s jacket in XL. Fits I. SMILE. I tried it on. Had it on for a few minutes. Folks said it looked good. Looked new. New or not used often. I am a sucker for lather. Plus, the less obese I need new jackets. The old ones are way, way too big.

So, that is what I got. Delighted with all of it.

My prized buy from the last ‘603 Estate Sale’ — in Derry, in November. You should be able to see the motif.

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by Anura Guruge

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