Another ‘603’ (As In ‘N.H.’) Estate Sale — This In Manchester.

by Anura Guruge

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These ‘603 Estate Sales‘ are addictive. Lot of fun. Very nice folks that run it and you can always get a deal. We go for what I call ‘the sport’. Nothing we want. Nothing we need. Nothing that we are getting to resell for a profit. Mainly to see if there is anything — somewhat unique — that catches our eye and we can get at a deal. They, after the first few hours, will majorly discount prices and entertain offers.

We did NOT get any of the items pictured above. We got a few items and I have NOT taken any pictures of them as yet. We spent $40. I think we spent $60 at the last onein Derry.

We have been to about five or six of these — once every few months. Miss some due to other conflicts.

This one, in Manchester, was a lot of fun. Least crowded we have been to, which was good as it was also the smallest of the houses we have been. Not as frantic as other sales. That was good. Lot of good deals. But, we really didn’t want any.

The ‘cricket’ poster for $40 cracked me up. I have seen it and I am sure I have a smaller version of it, in printed form, somewhere in my extensive cricket collection. Wonder if it sold.

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by Anura Guruge

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