‘Festival Of Carols’, First Congregational Church Of Pittsfield, N.H. — Friday, December 20, 2019.

by Anura Guruge

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I, as some of you know and others have worked out, like most things ChristmasChristmas carols, especially live (and ideally lively) performances thereof, a particular favorite. During my near 14-years in Ceylon, I heard my adoptive mother (dotingly devout Buddhist (who taught at a Baptist girls school (and played the piano at all their assemblies and services)) sing ‘silent night’, at least once a day, year round! She sang Christmas carols in the car all the time, with great gusto — we not having a radio in the car.

Anywho, I like Christmas carols and have the car radio set, as of Thanksgiving, to the stations that play them. So, when I saw this ‘festival’ in the local paper I was keen to attend — we didn’t have anything scheduled for that evening and it was close enough (given that we had gone to Boston, for our annual ‘Revels‘, the night before).

Glad we went.

It was GOOD. Very well done. Nice warm church. Good, friendly folks — one of them, a leading voice in the choir, a neighbor.

It was a heartwarming, uplifting concert. Inspired choice of carols and hymns. We enjoyed it. It hit the spot. Thank you.

This will go on the calendar for next year.

We had been to that church before — but for a Christmas fair. Though it is but two towns away we rarely go into Pittsfield. We drive by all the time. Must rectify that. Nice town. Found a greta place to eat after this ‘Festival’. Had fun their too — and they too had live music, albeit not of the Christmas variety.

Merry Christmas.

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by Anura Guruge


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