Had A New ’32’-Gallon Water Pressure Tank Installed By “Gilford Well Company”, Gilford [N.H.].

by Anura Guruge

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To the two known tautologies of life, viz., ‘you will die‘ & ‘you will pay taxes‘, you can safely add ‘you will have to replace your water pressure tank‘.

And that is what we had done today — thanks to the excellent folks at Gilford Well (see below).

I had been told earlier this year by another company that I will need a pressure tank ‘soon’. So, I knew it was on the cards. About a month ago I noticed that my water pressure was fluctuating, a short drop in pressure and then kicking back up to normal. I knew what it was. I know the physics of pressure tanks. The tank’s bladder (as opposed to mine) was leaking. [That proved to be the case when the old tank was removed. It was full of water ABOVE the bladder.] I also noticed yesterday that my water pump was coming on and going off, i.e., cycling, more frequently as it should.

I also know MY luck. If I didn’t get the tank replaced we would wake up Thanksgiving morning next week and have no water — and would be forced to pay x3 to get it fixed on Thanksgiving.

So, I called ‘Norm’, the owner, at Gilford Well yesterday and arranged to have the tank replaced today.

Joe who came to do the job was very competent. Did a very nice and neat job. No drama. No leaks. Very nice guy.

I was happy. Yes, it cost me an arm and a few toes. The price I was quoted was competitive.

I got a bigger tank than what I had — double (i.e., x2) the capacity. Again, I appreciate the physics. A larger tank reduces pump cycling. So, that was the logic.

So far, so good. BUT my luck! Nothing to say that I will still not wake up Thanksgiving and find that my water pump has blown. Yes, it is not much fun being I. SMILE.

But, for today, all was good. Thanks Norm. Thanks Joe. Thanks Gilford Well.

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by Anura Guruge

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