I Have $24 Leather Straps On Both My Garmin Fenix 6s And They Look Great.

by Anura Guruge

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I like leather straps on my Garmins. It really started when I got my Garmin MARQ Explorer with its gorgeous (initially) $250 strap. No question. That is the nicest leather strap I have seen for a Garmin. But, I did not want to spoil that strap wearing in 24×7, especially with a lot of sweat or swimming (though Garmin claims that this will improve it ‘patenia’). So, I experimented with some other cheaper leather straps — including Garmin’s much cheaper, standard leather strap.

They were ‘OK’ but felt ‘plasticy’, didn’t have any stitching and tended to show scratches. So, I continued looking on Amazon and eBay. A couple of months ago I came across these $23.99 TRUMiRR straps. I got the darker one. It looked great and it did not quickly show wear-and-tear like the previous one. So, I got the light one too. I now have them on my two Fenix 6s. I think they look great and they work amazingly well. I stopped wearing my Garmins when I shower so as to stop getting the straps wet. It will become interesting next Summer when I start swimming. Will I start wearing one of my many silicone straps. I have never had a nylon strap and really should try one.

But, I wanted to share these TRUMiRR straps with you. I know you will be happy with them. All the best. PAX.

Click image to access Amazon listing for these $24 leather straps.

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by Anura Guruge

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