The 1 Gig (i.e., Gigabit) Upgrade (By TDS) Is Finally Complete — Thanks To ‘Charity Electric’.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the ‘Charity Electric’ Website … with contact information.

The TDS 1 Gigabit upgrade is now finally done (I think). TDS won’t do any external wiring and I needed some to finish the job.

Today, Robert the owner of ‘Charity Electric‘ (out of Barnstead, NH), came and spent 3-hours installing 100’ of flat, CAT 7 Ethernet cable and now I have a permanent, long-term connection between the TDS router on the 1st floor and the TDS Extender on the 4th floor (which provides a hardwired LAN connection to this PC via a TDS provided LAN switch).

Charity Electric‘ did a BANG UP job. Real nice work. Very tidy, professional, conscientious and painstaking. Good pricing too. Kudos. Nothing but good words. Highly recommended.

I was using a jerry-rigged Ethernet connection for the last 10-days. I had cables running all over the place on the 1st floor. Having this direct cable, 100’ maybe, appears to have made a difference. Look at the speeds I am getting. I am happy.

I got the Cat 7 cable from Amazon. Decent price. Came with gold connectors. Seemed a shame to cut them off. So, Robert, kindly, installed all 100′.

I am happy. Relieved to get this behind me.

Thanks Robert.

Thanks TDS.

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by Anura Guruge

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