I Have Finally Succumbed & Agreed To Get Snow Blower — But It Is Going To Be A Doozy!

by Anura Guruge

I have resisted 12-years of constant nagging … “get a snowblower” … “you are too old” … “you going to kill yourself” … “we are fed up” … “get a snowblower“.

I LIKE SHOVELING SNOW. It is great exercise. I like being out in the snow. If I am not shoveling I would be walking in the snow for 1-hour, and I would rather shovel since it is better exercise … and I am saving both energy (as in driving an engine) and money.

But, then I slipped and completely, totally tore my quadricep tendon while shoveling snow on Thursday, February 28, 2019. I needed major knee surgery and was on crutches for six (6) full weeks.

I had slipped and fallen, shoveling snow, nine or ten years ago, and broken a rib.

So, now it was total vindication. The dithering old goat — i.e., I — was going to slip again and kill himself shoveling snow.

To be honest, the knee injury affected my psyche. At 65 it was my first real injury! Yes, I had broken my hand, dislocated my thumb and broken most of my finger joints through rugby, skiing and cricket, but none of those had been major. I was not sidelined. I was not disabled. But, after the knee injury I was a cripple for 6-weeks and I hated it. I vowed to come back fitter than ever before — not that I wasn’t fit before. But, since my surgery I have lost 30 pounds and exercise 40% more. I try to average 6 miles of walking/running a day. I also try to get in 23-minutes of stationary bike riding to keep my knee flexible. So, I am in better shape to shovel snow than everbefore — and I have shoveled snow for at least 25-years.

But, slipping scares me. SMILE.

So, I succumbed. But, if I was going to get one, it had to be superlative. I was not going to mess around.

If I was NOT shoveling snow, I would have to walk my 4.5-miles in the morning. So, I would only have, at most, 30-minutes to clear the drive. So, I was not going to spend time and energy pushing, pulling and hauling a puny little machine. I was going to boss the snow around.

This was about as BRAWNY as I could find. Three-stage, with Track Drive and power steering. I think it can throw snow 200′!

Well I will, of course, keep you posted.

Home Depot was DESPERATE for the business. I knew how to finagle the best deal. 18-month 0% APR credit with $100 off up-front. SMILE. So, why not get a real good one?

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by Anura Guruge

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