I CANCELLED My ‘Atlantic Broadband’ (ABB) Internet Service — Last Outage Was The Final Straw (Metrocast Customer Since 1997).

by Anura Guruge

My post from 5-days ago. I was NOT happy. I was livid. Screw them. I still have TDS.

I had been a customer for 22-years — starting in Meredith (NH) in 1997.

But, there is only so much abuse that even I am willing to tolerate.

Atlantic Broadband is NO Metrocast. Atlantic Broadband (ABB) is a garbage company.

Well, I am NOT going to lose Internet. SMILE.

For the last 4-years or so I have always had TWO (2) Internet feeds to the house: one from ABB & the other from TDS. So, yes, we have two separate Wi-Fi networks (actually 3 since one of our routers is dual-band).

For now, I, like most normal folk, will just have ONE (1) Internet service — from TDS over dedicated fiber to the wall.

And YES, I am going the Full Monty.

I am getting 1 Gigabit Internet.

As a backup we will use cellular Hotspots and I am going to get unlimited data on all our phones.

Just had it, just had it with BLOODY, scummy ABB.

Yes, TDS has outages too. But, never like bloody ABB. I know. I keep track. You can check. Use my ‘search’ feature and look for ‘outage’. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

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