Another Bloody ‘Atlantic Broadband’ Outage, Oct. 17, 2019 — And It Is NOT Storm-Related!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. From their Twitter feed. Go see on Twitter.

IF it was storm-related I would cut them slack. But, it is NOT.

It is their now rather familiar: ‘fiber accidentally cut & oh! We also had a fire‘.

Heard this at least twice before. This is NOT acceptable.

Luckily, because I, given my 45-years in the computer industry, is into REDUNDANT hardware/services also have a TDS Internet feed to the house. Yes, I pay TWO Internet bills each month. I am lucky like that. Yes, so we have two separate Wi-Fi networks. One from ABB and the other from TDS.

But, I like my main PC, i.e., this, to be hardwired. And today for the first time I did it! 2.5 years ago, after another outage, I bought a 200′ Ethernet LAN cable from Amazon for $14. Today, I used it. I had to run it from our 1st floor, where the TDS feed is, to the 4th, which is where my desk is. So, the cable had to traverse three sets of stairs. We did it. Worked first time. I was getting 400Mbps! Yes, 400Mbps! So, I can’t complain. SMILE.

Click to ENLARGE and admire.

But, having one Internet down still rattles I.

I am going to switch things around. ABB is not a good provider.

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by Anura Guruge

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