‘Downton Abbey’ T-Shirt From The UK, Not From ‘The Exhibition’.

by Anura Guruge

T-shirt sold at ‘Downton Abbey — The Exhibition’

Saying that Teischan (13) is a ‘Downton‘ aficionado and devotee doesn’t still quite get to her relationship with this show. We quite like it too, but not to the extent she has. She has watched all of it — i.e., all the seasons and all the episodes — at least twice (and I am glad that we have unlimited access to the shows thanks to Amazon Prime).

Yes, of course, we went to ‘The Exhibition‘ in Boston, last month. Yes, I got her a T-shirt and some other stuff. Luckily I did not have to get her any of the books since I had already got them for her over the last two Christmases.

By the MAGIC of Facebook an Ad. for the black T-shirt appeared on my timeline the day after we went to ‘The Exhibition’. It is scary. It quoted quite an attractive “can’t go wrong” price. Well, that was just a bait-and-switch price. In the end with shipping it was twice as much.

It looks classy. She likes it.

Came from the U.K. UPS. Took a few weeks.

So, if you are into ‘Downton‘ and want a T-shirt to coincide with the movie (next week) you will have to get one of these.

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