Custom Homemade Holder For 13 Hula Hoops.

by Anura Guruge

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Teischan (13) currently has 13 functional hula hoops (ignoring the ones that have gone out of shape).

Keeping them in one place, in the garage, without us continually tripping over them, or they falling on my Jaguar XJ8, was becoming a problem.

Today, we came up with a neat solution.

Once we worked it out, and found an acceptable spot in the garage it only took me a FEW minutes to implement it. Basically having to drill one hole through a 4″x4″. Used stuff I had at hand including the rubber tip from one of the 6 crutches I still have. Works beautifully.

I will be happy to tell you how to reproduce it. [No you don’t need two of them. SMILE]

Click to ENLARGE.

Spur of the moment. Was not planned. I was out taking my daily photos when I caught her practising. She does not let me take too many pictures. So, I snapped 19 of these quickly. She is using 5 hoops. Maybe 6. She has another one coming. In total she has about 8 or 9. Maybe more.

Decided that stitching them into a quick, 20-seconds video was the best way to share them.


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by Anura Guruge

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