‘The Barnstormers’ At The ‘Castle In The Clouds’, July 10, 2019 — Left You Wanting More, Much More.

by Anura Guruge


Left one wanting MORE … MORE … MORE.

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This was the first time the ‘Castle in the Clouds‘ had done this event, i.e., having the ‘Barnstormers‘ (from Tamworth, NH) perform, and with their customary Midas touch they hit a rich vein of pay dirt. It was OUTSTANDING. The best $10 I have spent in years. Wow. Loved it as did everyone else that was there — and it was a full house.

Very well organized and that the upstairs room in the imposing Carriage House is air-conditioned and that there were adult beverages for sale was a bonus.

Yes, it was advertised that it would be ‘about an hour’. It lasted 44-minutes from the time the cast arrived in the room till they took their final bow. The timestamps on my pictures tell the stories. That was our only disappointment. It should have been longer. Even a full hour would have been too short. 90-minutes would have been close to perfect — and they could have definitely charged us more. Well worth it.

Great cast. Enormously talented. Very personable. Bravo.

THANK YOU ‘Castle in the Clouds‘. Another wonderful event.

Click to access their Website.

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by Anura Guruge


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