Is Your Brain Getting The Iodine It Needs To Function?

by Anura Guruge

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As I mentioned last week, in the context of ‘Argyria‘, are I am reading this (⇓) pretty amazing book about the Periodic Table & the Elements by Sam Kean.

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Though I did 7-years of chemistry in school I am sure I never learnt the stuff I am finding out from this book. I am learning something new in nearly every paragraph and I love learning new things.

But, what I learned about Iodine last night gave me quite the scare.

Our brain needs iodine. Without iodine our brain doesn’t work as well as it should. For a start it impacts your memory.

But, here was the kicker. Most people get all the iodine they (and their brain) need from iodised salt — i.e., salt with iodine added to it.

And that was the problem. I AVOID salt and I have been on basically a salt-free diet since I was 7.

So, was this the reason I have always struggled with matters requiring intelligence. As I get older my brain, noticeably, is even more sluggish than it used to be.

So, had I been depriving my brain of iodine.

Well, iodine deficiency or not, I knew that I did get salt in my diet from salad dressings, ketchup, the TONS of ham I eat, the ZILLIONS of sausages I pack away etc. So, I was slightly assuaged. But, I wanted to do more research in the morning.

Morning came. I was thinking about it. Then I remembered that I take the Walmart-brand Centrum Silver for Men and have been taking it (or a ‘plain’ multivitamin prior to that) for decades. I went and checked the label. WOW. Iodine was on the label and I was supposedly getting 100% of what I am supposed to ingest. What a relief.

Again, this is probably not an issue for most of you. My issue was that I don’t imbibe in salt — iodised salt. That was what got me concerned.

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by Anura Guruge

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