‘Argyria’, Turning Blue, Permanently, From Ingesting Too Much Silver!

by Anura Guruge

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I had never heard of it, or seen any pictures of blue people, until I read about ‘Argyria’ in the above book last night. Wow. And here is the craziest thing — this permanent blueness MIGHT not kill ya! Silver is a very powerful antibacterial. Hence, why some folks go overboard taking it.

This book by Sam Kean is pretty amazing. I actually bought 3 of his books; this being the first I am reading. It is all about the elements, the periodic table and atoms. Pretty technical stuff BUT I am loving it because I am learning something fascinating on every page. So much about the elements, especially the obscure ones, that I knew nothing about. This book is not ‘light’ Summer reading BUT if you want to learn about the elements it is excellent.

As for the spoon. Gallium. Ever heard of gallium? I had not. Remember I did chemistry nearly 40-years ago. In those days we didn’t go too deep into the periodic table.

Actually, have you ever wondered WHY it is called the periodic table rather than say ‘Table of Elements’?


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by Anura Guruge


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