Pope Francis May Be Guilty Of Heresy, But Who On Earth Is Going To Depose Him?

by Anura Guruge

Click image for the ‘Daily Caller’ article. Google ‘Francis heresy’ for more coverage.

How Donald Trump must wish he was the Pope. No Congress to hound him or a special counsel to bug him. Total and utter autocratic power on Earth.

So, Pope Francis may have committed heresy, a papal equivalent of ‘obstructing justice’, but who on Earth is going to depose the pope? And he, as headstrong as any dumb Argentinian bull will only resign when he wants to — not because there was a public outcry.

Yes, way back a number of popes (and quite a few anti-popes) were deposed, legitimately or otherwise; e.g. John XII in 964 and Gregory VII in 1080. But, both those deposings were conducted by a powerful Emperor in cahoots with a synod. These days we don’t have such powerful European emperors or synods capable of doing anything without papal approval.

So, we can forget Pope Francis getting deposed.

So, he can continue indulging in heresy.

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by Anura Guruge

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