George Pell Will Not Be The First Cardinal To Be Imprisoned; But He Will Be First For Sodomy.

by Anura Guruge

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Cardinals going to prison is nothing new.

During the Middle Ages various imperial powers, or in some instances disgruntled popes, would imprison cardinals that they took a dislike to — often to prevent them voting at conclaves.

Then during the last century we had political imprisonments — mainly by communist countries. One well know example was Chinese Cardinal Ignatius Kung who was imprisoned for over 30-years for dissent. He remained a cardinal throughout.

Then there was also Hungarian Cardinal József Mindszenty. He too spent 8-years in prison — yet again he remained a cardinal throughout.

But, things are different with the dirty old bugger, George Pell. What he has been convicted of is that of sodomizing a child!

He will be the first cardinal to be imprisoned for sodomy.

The mind boggles as to what kind of reception he will receive in an Australian prison. I doubt that Australian prisoners take too kindly to old men who sodomize kids.

He most likely will be forced to resign his cardinalate. He will be the 2nd to do so, after Theodore McCarrick, since 1927.

No cardinalate resignations for 90-years, then 2 in one-year!

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by Anura Guruge

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