My Vain Attempt To Top-Up My No-Bikini-Line Tan Despite The Snow & Cold (& It Was Just Above Freezing).

by Anura Guruge

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reflections of a volvo tractor Anura Guruge Sony a7 II

Let’s, please, agree on one thing up front. Despite all my manifold faults, foibles and failing, you have to admit I sure am still extremely cuddly.

Notice the huge scar, chest-to-groin from when I had most of my internal organs replaced — mainly with stuffing.

You also have to admit the tan is looking good. I have been having a major crisis for the last 24-hours. Roger Stone and I are roughly the same age! Yikes, how can that be. Well, I guess he lived a better life than I.

OK. OK. OK. Yes, it is the cold. Called shrinkage. you sit out there, in the nude, in 36°F (1°C), and see what it does to your body parts.

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by Anura Guruge

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