I Took 27,000 Pictures (i.e., Photographs) In 2018!

by Anura Guruge


On January 1st of each year (of late), I create a folder with that year’s name for ALL the pictures I am going to take that year.

So, a year ago I created a ‘2018’ folder on my Drobo RAID storage unit.

Today, I created the ‘2019’ folder. But, before doing that I checked the ‘2018’ folder.

26,625 STORED pictures (i.e., individual files) in 96 folders. I create a folder for each month BY CAMERA! So, in the image above you will see a7 (i.e., Sony a7 II), a6500 (i.e., Sony a6500) and Pixel 2 (my Google Pixel 2 phone).

I took more pictures that this. These are but the ones I kept. I deleted a few hundred more. Just yesterday, after the fireworks, I deleted about 30 that did not make the cut.

So, this comes to 74 pictures a day. That makes sense. Most days I shoot between 25 — 35, but there are days I shoot upwards of 900!

Remember that I also post at least 7 pictures EVERY DAY and I did NOT miss a single day in 2018. That means I have posted, on this blog, at least 2,555 pictures in 2018! Since I invariably post more than 7, most days, the number, in reality, is probably over 3,000 pictures! That is a lot — but it also means I have 23,625 pictures I have NOT share with YOU! That is sobering.


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by Anura Guruge

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