First Of The 3 Christmas Trees For 2018 In Place — 10 Days Earlier Than Last Year.

by Anura Guruge

The “American Girl Dolls” are also getting ready for Christmas.

Advent Calendars have been located THOUGH we have 2 weeks (14-days) to go.

Teischan (12), unashamedly, lives for Christmas — and has for most of her life, once she worked out what it was all about.

She starts talking about Christmas in September!

When she was younger we could dictate as to when preparations for Christmas would come. But, starting last year she has taken matters into her own hands. When she was little we waited until at least the first week of December before we started.

Not anymore. I see that last year HER tree went up on November 27.

Well, this year it was November 17 — 10 full days earlier. She also, with my help, brought down (from the space above our double garage) some of the outdoor christmas lights — which she intends to put up tomorrow. That is one neat thing. She insists on doing this herself. I (at 65) am off the hook.

We started listening to Christmas music, on the radio, on FM 94.9, earlier this week. They too keep on bringing forward Christmas.

Stay tuned. Christmas is still 38 days away and we have many rituals to perform and observe.

Merry Christmas.

Last Year’s post.

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by Anura Guruge

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