The New ‘Polar Vantage V’ Sports Watch — Good Looking, But I Am Still Keeping My Garmin Fenix 5.

by Anura Guruge

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Its announcement last week, by Polar, had slipped under my radar. I did NOT see it on any of my news feeds and most of them go out of their way to keep me abreast of new smart watches. That actually might have been the issue. Polar is positioning it, squarely and uncompromisingly, as a ‘Premium GPS Multisport‘ Watch. I only heard about it when a contact in the industry send me an e-mail.

I had a quick look. Sure looks nice. I like the display.

But, from what I can see, and I only got to spend a few minutes with the spec., it is not exactly a head-to-head Garmin Fenix 5 competitor.

For a start, from what I can see, it does not have a gyroscope. And to that end I notice it does NOT mention open water swimming.

There is also no mention of stress monitoring. Not a biggie, but something I use.

I might, with luck, get a chance to check it out. That would be interesting.

Its price puts it firmly in Garmin Fenix 5 territory.

Interesting. I have never owned or worn a Polar but I know that it is popular among the diehard crowd.

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by Anura Guruge

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