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An Apple Picking Masonic Welcome To New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge

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This was at the ‘Swap Shop‘ at our local ‘dump‘ (i.e., recycling center). They were a few feet apart. I put the ‘Apple Welcome’ on top of the NH tile and took a picture to see what I would get. It was only when I looked at the photo, full-size on my PC, that I realized that the tile must be Masonic. Cool. I like it. What about you?

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by Anura Guruge

‘Kimball Jenkins’ ‘School Of Art’ (Concord, NH) — 20th Birthday Open House.

by Anura Guruge

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See separate post on Master Embroiderist Robert Dorr.

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Sure glad we went for this ‘Open House’ on Saturday. We had seen it on Facebook — on a homeschooling related page. Inexplicably, this was our first time visiting this ENCHANTED place though we drive by it at least two to three times a month, and have been doing so for over ten years! I don’t know. I guess we kind of assumed it was a private school. Well we now know differently and hope to make it a regular destination. The plan is to get Teischan, the artist, to take some classes there. But, right now, her artist’s temperament does not seem conducive. But, that is a different matter.

A wonderful place with super talented and extremely friendly folk. A real oasis of art. The ‘Mansion’ is an architectural and artistic treasure and brought to mind ‘Castle in the Clouds‘. I will do a separate post on the Mansion — given that I have some great pictures.

They were offering complimentary classes and Teischan and Deanna took one on painting with acrylics. It was very good. I was impressed. I just took pictures. I think my painting days are long gone.

They had done a real nice job for the Open House. They had gone all out. Their enthusiasm was infectious. I could have easily spent another couple of hours there — camera in hand — but it Teischan wanted lunch. I will be going back.

Highly recommended. If you have not been, swing by. You will be glad you did.

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by Anura Guruge


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