That The Nikon Z6/Z7 ‘FTZ’ Adapter Does NOT Support Tamron Lenses Is Very Troubling.

by Anura Guruge

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This was in the ‘’, ‘Nikon Z Mirrorless Talk’ Forum. I responded.

I also did a post in the ‘Third Party Lens Talk’ forum.

I do NOT have ANY hands-on experience with adapters — on any camera. I have stayed away from ‘adapted’ lenses. But, MY main rationale for migrating to Nikon is to be able to use affordable existing lenses. Why now? Because until the Z6/Z7 Nikons did NOT make a full-frame mirrorless. Simple as that.

This does NOT make sense to I.

If a Tamron lens, with a Nikon FX-mount, works flawless on a Nikon D850, then it is a full-compatible Nikon FX-mount lens. The FTZ adapter should support without a glitch.

I suspect that Nikon has firmware inside the Zs that are rejecting Tamron lenses. That is not good.

Yes, of course, I will stay on top of this.

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by Anura Guruge

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