Realizing That Canon EOS R MIGHT Not Be As Optimum For My Needs As The Nikon Z6.

by Anura Guruge

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Wow, that was an epiphany this morning studying the actual Canon EOS R announcement. I had kind of convinced myself that the Canon EOS R, with its supposed ‘better’ autofocus capabilities, would suit my needs more than the Nikon Z6 unveiled last week.

But, over the day I started having doubts, serious ones at that.

I had initially thought that the LACK of IBIS — In-Body Image Stabilization — was but a nasty rumor put out there to detract from Canon. Not so. The Canon EOS R does not have IBIS. I need to study this. Maybe Canon, with its lens-specific image stabilization, can get away with it. But, I need GOOD IBIS. I rely on it, heavily, on my Sony a7 II. I rarely if ever use a tripod and I also shoot at low shutter speeds. So, I need IBIS.

IBIS is the biggie. Then there is ISO and the lack of JPEG image sharpening in-camera.

On the other hand I am in LOVE with the adapters. Never mind the camera I want one or two of those adapters — the one with the added ring and the other with the filter-slot. These are NEAT. Love how THIN they are. I have stayed away from adapters because they always looked bulky. Not these. These look just right.

So, a LOT of research to do. But, time is on my side. No hurry. I, however, put two of my remaining Sony lenses for sale on eBay.

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by Anura Guruge


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