Somebody’s “Enid Blyton” Collection.

by Anura Guruge

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Not mine (though I bought them all). My Enid Blyton collection, when I was that age, and living in Ceylon, was COMPLETE — starting with Noddy and extending all the way to all the series. Not a book missing. So, my collection was probably 6 – 8 times larger. It was also in a glass fronted, bookcase. They, my adoptive parents, gave the books away when we left Ceylon in 1967. They broke up the set. To be fair, it must have cost them a pretty penny to get all those books in Ceylon — some would have to have been ordered from the U.K. But, my adoptive father never had any problems spending money on books.

These books came out yesterday. This is a whole new setup. New shelves … she put up etc. She used to keep her Enid Blyton books in a drawer for safekeeping. It made me happy to see them out.

IF you are sharp-eyed you will notice a Richmal Crompton ‘Just William’ book amongst these. She treats that book as part of her collection — given that it is British!

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by Anura Guruge


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